Zendarifestivalen 4

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Zendarifestivalen 4
Moosic Is Love
ZF4 logo.png
Host city MosCow, Moo Moo
Venue Scintillate Arena
Presenter(s) Mamma Mu & Kråkan
Host broadcaster Moo Milking Channel (MILK)
Opening act Totte/Junker dancing to Caramelldansen
Interval act Mooing Medley
Number of entries 43 (Full!)
Debuting countries  Alirie
 Jojo's Reich
Returning countries  Chattahoochee
Withdrawing countries  Coco Islands
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point to all songs in the Semifinals. Read Voting Rules for more info.
◄3 4

Zendarifestivalen 4 is the fourth edition of Zendarifestivalen. The contest will consist of four semi-finals, a second chance and a final.

Mamma Mu & Kråkan

If any new countries wish to join, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Basic Zendari Rules:

  • The running time of the song cannot be less than 1:30, and the song cannot be longer than 10 minutes.
  • No song is too mainstream or obscure for Zendarifestivalen. However, the song must not have competed in Eurovision Song Contest or Zendari Song Contest.
  • A music video is not essential but the song must be available on YouTube. Contestants will be allowed to upload and submit a song themselves, provided that it is not removed by the copyright holder.
  • The song cannot have competed in Zendari Song Contest or Zendarifestivalen previously, including if the song has been sung by a different artist.
  • An artist cannot sing two songs in a contest. First come, first served.
  • Instrumentals, covers and remixes of songs are allowed, however, mashups and remixes where several songs are included are not allowed.
  • All songs must be free of hateful and discriminating lyrics.
  • Feel free to make a page for an artist/duo and claim that they're from your country, however, there is no rule that people have to ask you for permission in order to send an artist from your country. Feel free to ask for permission, but it's not a rule that you must follow.
  • There are no restrictions relating to spoken language of entries, however all lyrics must follow the same rules.

Some other rules just for Zendarifestivalen:

  • Everyone with a country is allowed to participate. Countries that haven't participated in Zendari Song Contest is allowed to compete.
  • The contest will follow the format of Melodifestivalen with 4 semi finals, a second chance and a grand final.
  • The voting in each semifinal will be 75% juries and 25% televote. Juries -> the countries that participating in that semifinal, they vote by the original 12-1 points. The televote is a poll for everyone to vote in, even people who isn't in that semifinal. The votes in the poll will be changed into % to know how much points each entry gets from the televote.
  • In each semifinal (if its 8 participants in each), 2 countries will go to the grand final, 2 countries will go to the second chance, 4 will be eliminated. This could change if there will be more than 8 countries in each semifinal.
  • This contest only have 41 spots, so please only join if you have time for it. If you join and forget to vote in semis/second chance or the final, you will be banned from 1 edition of Zendarifestivalen.

Feel free to talk to the management with ideas or if you think we should change any rules.

Voting Rules[edit | edit source]

Here is how you vote:

Always send in all of your votes in private to Tottzi#0541 on Discord!

You MUST vote in the semi final your country is participating in. Participants in a semi final will give out 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point.

There is also a televote/heartvoting. All the people and countries that DON'T participate in a semi final can vote. Example, Vasseau is in Semi Final 1. But they can still vote in Semi Final 2, 3 and 4 by giving out 0 to 5 hearts to every song, this will count as televotes/heartvotes.

So there will be jurypoint and televotepoints in each semi final.

In the Grand Final it will be 50% juryvote and 50% televote.

Juryvotes: All the 12 countries who participate in the final. They will give out 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 points.

Televote: All countries who DON'T participate in the final. The can give out 0 to 5 hearts PER SONG.

Participating countries[edit | edit source]

You can now reveal artists! But NOT reveal songs yet.

Country Language Artist Song
 Alotraxia Polish
 Carlamastia Slovenian Raiven "Povej"
 Chattahoochee English Halflives "Crown"
 Cyan English CupcakKe "Crayons"
 Fokland Jamala "Smile"
 Jojo's Reich
 Junker English SOFI TUKKER "Batshit"
 Kingdom of Othar English Daughter "Still"
 Kydziya Korean (G)I-DLE "LATATA"
 Marnos Korean IU My Old Story
 Nuevo Province
 Oofaria Serbian Ministarke "Kiseonik"
 Purple Country Sergey Lazarev
 St. Vitus & Roch
 Shairia Italian Chanty "Ritornerai"
 Titonüi English Kristina Karo "I Love America"
 Vashia English
 Vasseau English Steve Angello ft. Sam Martin "Nothing Scares Me Anymore"
 Vendujo English Zolita "New You"
 Violía French Kinnie Lane "Dans tes nuits"
 Wo Xi
 Wåri Ukrainian Patsyki Z Franeka " Vasya OMG"
 Xobrania English Noonie Bao "Criminal Love"
 Yuvia English Maty Noyes "Say It To My Face"
 Zerox English BEAST IN BLACK "Born Again"

Incidents[edit | edit source]

  • Despite originally confirming participation, Borschóviya Borschóviya had their active ZBA membership for accumulating 3 strikes, and thus have had their participation privileges revoked.

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in Zendari Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with an active ZBA membership that is be able to broadcast the contest. All countries with an active ZBA membership have been given an invitation to join this edition.

Active ZBA countries[edit | edit source]

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