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Official logo of Zendarifestivalen
Genre Song Contest
Country of origin List of countries in Zendari Song Contest
Original language(s) English
Running time 1.5-2 hours
Production company(s) Zendari Broadcasting Association
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release February 2018 – present

Zendarifestivalen (or simply known as ZFest) is a televised spin-off song contest, held between countries which are active members of the Zendari Broadcasting Association, and countries who are currently on the waiting list. The contest started in February 2018. To join the contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.


On the 12th of February 2018, the Zendari Broadcasting Association decided to open up a spin-off contest that all countries on the waiting list were eligible to compete in, regardless of their place on the list, together with other active members in the Zendari Broadcasting Association. The result of this was Zendarifestivalen.


The format is somewhat different to Zendari Song Contest. There is a hard limit of 32 participating countries in each edition, and all participating countries are split into 4 semi-finals, with 8 countries each. All countries must vote in their own semi-final, but they are allowed to vote in the other semi-finals as well, by giving out a maximum of 5 hearts to each song. The results of all semi-finals are decided through 75% jury votes, and 25% heartvotes. The 2 countries who receive the most points in each semi-final will advance to the grand final, and the countries who land on 3rd and 4th are sent to a Second Chance round, and the rest are eliminated.

In the Second Chance round, the 8 countries will be divided into 4 duels, and face off against another country. All countries are given one vote each in all duels, and the song that receives the most votes in each duel will advance to the grand final. All countries who are in the second chance round must vote. The countries that have been eliminated, and the countries that are in the grand final are allowed to vote, but it's not a requirement.

In the grand final, the results are decided through 50% jury votes, and 50% heartvotes. All of the finalists must vote. The countries that have been eliminated are allowed to vote using the heartvote system, but it's not a requirement.


Edition Country that debuted
Junker #1  Achalasia,  Cefloana,  Cine,  Cyan,  Diversia,  Elune,  Fokland,  Franova,  Haña,
 Junker,  Othar,  Landland,  Moo,  Nuevo Province,  Offriano,  Orblein,
 Pōuto,  Purple Country,  St. Vitus & Roch,  Shairia,  Titonüi,  Vashia,  Vasseau,
 Vendujo,  Violía,  Wallica,  Wallovudia,  Wåri,  Xobrania,  Yuvia,  Zamolodchikova,
Xobrania #2  Campre,  Chattahoochee,  Coco Islands,  Putslopistan,  Olkenland,  Rosalina,  Rose,
 Sosij,  Suczeawa,  Wo Xi,  Xaliqtyva
Vasseau #3  Atkanzia,  Draydal,  Epral,  Kydziya,  Tibiris
Moo #4  Alotraxia,  Andoria,  Carlamastia,  Jojo's Reich,  Marnos,  Üsmile,  Schymanland,
 Sutru,  Tseldora
Junker #5  Éimi,  Aquazia,  Gilead,  Orontonia,  Rhosỳna,  Saõ Jung,  Yakolira
Zerox #6  Dodo,  Laigheann,  Sakao
Cefloana #7  Dingylingling,  Jiouji,  Mond Sabyar,  Omiina,  United Ecàlh Republic
Titonüi #8  Fiorenza,  Neolinn
Xobrania #9  Braceletia,  Kuurahvas,  Vovaltik


Ed. Country Artist(s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city Part.
#1  Xobrania Nova Miller "Turn Up The Fire" 151 7 pts  Vasseau Junker Junkertown 32
#2  Vasseau MNEK "Tongue" 161 14 pts  Haña Xobrania Xel Aviv 36
#3  Moo CHVRCHES "Miracle" 178 19 pts  Xaliqtyva Vasseau Jorlynn 35
#4  Junker SOFI TUKKER "Batshit" 148 1 pt  Alotraxia Moo MosCow 43
#5  Zerox American Authors "Deep Water" 170 20 pt  Alotraxia Junker Junkertown 43
#6  Cefloana Lady Gaga "Heavy Metal Lover" 151 2 pt  Chattahoochee Zerox Akita 35
#7  Titonüi K/DA "POP/STARS" 152 23 pt  Alotraxia Cefloana Ogalia 36
#8  Xobrania Betta Lemme "Give It" 178 15 pt  Haña Titonüi Titonovia 37
#9  Yuvia GABI "Painting" 208 8 pt  Xaliqtyva Xobrania Xel Aviv 40
#10  Xaliqtyva Yetta "Losing Control" 170 59 pts  Rosalina Yuvia Alertia 47
#11  Rhosỳna Izzy Bizu "Give Me Love" 157 0 pts  Moo Xaliqtyva Liudzi 39
#12  Kuurahvas Elephant Heart "The Digital" 169 8 pts  Rhosỳna Rhosỳna Nantgarw 34
#13 Kuurahvas TBA 34

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