Zendari Song Contest 18

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Zendari Song Contest 18
Zendari Logo.png
Host city Wo Xi TBA, Wo Xi
Host broadcaster Wo Xi TV Wo Xi (TVWX)
Number of entries 43
Debuting countries  Kyrbo

Returning countries  Haña
 Saõ Jung

Withdrawing countries  Diversia
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points to their 10 favorite songs.
Zendari Song Contest
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Zendari Song Contest 18 is the eighteenth edition of Zendari Song Contest. It will most be hosted by the second best placing country of the previous edition, Wo Xi after winner Sangviland rejected hosting rights. The contest will consist of two semi-finals and a final.

If any new country wishes to join, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.

Format[edit | edit source]

Additional Automatic Qualifier[edit | edit source]

Participating countries[edit | edit source]

To join Zendari Song Contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.

Semi Final 1[edit | edit source]

Cruona, Rhosỳna and Xaliqtyva were randomly drawn to vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
First half
 Birmanda Chinese VAVA "My New Swag"
 Draydal English Allie X "Fresh Laundry"
 Frendakia English Lola Marsh "Echoes"
 Haña English Blanco White "Desert Days"
 Nougoeso Instrumental Vladimir Cauchemar "Aulos"
 Nuevo Province English Charli XCX "Trophy"
 Rosalina English Dua Lipa "Don't Start Now"
 Violía Engliish Sigala, Becky Hill "Wish You Well"
 Zerox English Molly Hammar "Words"
Second half
 Hexia English SKYND "Elisa Lam"
 Junker Korean AOA "Come See Me"
 Kosla English Cathedrals "Try to Fight"
 Kuurahvas English Lily Moore "Nothing On You"
 Marnos English Pink Angels "Mamma Don't Lie"
 Omiina English Tame Impala "The Less I Know The Better"
 Tibiris English ItaloBrothers "Sleep When We're Dead"
 Üsmile English Perfume Genius "Not For Me"
 Yuvia Russian RASHEL "Yangoli"

Semi Final 2[edit | edit source]

Epral, Sangviland and Wo Xi were randomly drawn to vote in this semi-final.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
First half
 Ceflodoziya English Nicki Minaj "Va Va Voom"
 Cyan English Lolo Zouaï "High Hights to Low Lows"
 Laigheann English Farveblind, KillASon "Bad"
 Leguya English Sigma, Louisa "Here We Go Again"
 Moo English RaeLynn "Tailgate"
 Purple Country English j-hope, Becky G "Chicken Noodle Soup"
 Sutru English The Aces "Volcanic Love"
 Wåri Ukrainian LAYAH "Teni"
 Yakolira English Vancouver Sleep Clinic "Someone to Stay"
Second half
 Chattahoochee English Saint Asonia feat. Sharon den Adel "Sirens"
 Elune English ALMA "Bad News Baby"
 Fokland English Caroline Polachek "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings"
 Kyrbo English Rationale "Deliverance"
 Mond Sabyar English JØUR "Black Hole"
 Saõ Jung Portuguese Urias, Maffalda "Rosga"
 United Ecàlh Republic Arabic Mashrou' Leila "3 minutes"
 Vovaltik English Sidney Samson, Eva Simons "Celebrate The Rain"
 Xo'jhayli English Shygirl "BB"

Grand Final[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
First half
 Epral English, Korean LIM KIM "Yellow"
06 [1]  Wo Xi English Kate Nash "Bad Lieutenant"
 Xaliqtyva Spanish Mala Rodríguez "Gitanas"
Second half
 Cruona Korean X1 "Flash"
 Sangviland English Sasha Sloan "Dancing With Your Ghost"

* Note 1 - As the hosts of the contest, Wo Xi were randomly drawn to perform 21st.

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in Zendari Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with an active ZBA membership that is be able to broadcast the contest. All countries with an active ZBA membership have been given an invitation to join this edition.

Active ZBA countries[edit | edit source]

  • Sosij Sosij - Despite a streak of seven consecutive qualifications, the country announced following the conclusion of the previous edition that they would be withdrawing indefinitely from the contest due to the contest returning to a very mainstream-centric sound. Spokesperson Mr. Blobby said "HJTMK ERM[IO GREO GDNDFSJ GRJENGA WREKMW, B,BKB BLOBBY ADSKFLB BLOBBY" which translates to "the contest is increasingly being starved of originality and becoming predictable". A return in the future has not been ruled out. The decision was criticized by several "white girl" countries. Sosij later confirmed following a change of broadcaster and a heavy brown envelope from an anonymous Wo Xi citizen. Sosij then withdrew after the brown envelope mysteriously disappeared, strangely coinciding with a new Blobbyflix murder mystery series premiering.

Inactive ZBA countries[edit | edit source]

  • Wallica Wallica - Despite press and fan speculation, Wallican national broadcaster RW officially stated that it had "absolutely no intention" to return to the contest "in the foreseeable future". The broadcaster explained this stance by pointing out the expensive participation fees, the crippling lack of quality of recent editions, the increasingly predictable nature of the show, and widespread opposition to the contest by the Wallican population, still disgusted at the paedophilia scandal that struck the contest earlier this year. It nonetheless wished luck to allied broadcaster TV Wo Xi for the hosting of this edition. Wallica last participated in the 16th edition and failed to qualify.

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