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Zendari Song Contest
Zendari Logo.png
Official logo of Zendari Song Contest
Genre Song Contest
Country of origin List of countries in Zendari Song Contest
Original language(s) English
Running time 3 hours
Production company(s) Zendari Broadcasting Association
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release November 2017 – present
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Zendari Song Contest (or simply known as ZSC) is a televised song contest, held between countries which are active members of the Zendari Broadcasting Association. The contest started in November 2017. To join the contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.


ZSC 1 to ZSC 5

On the 25th of November 2017, the Zendari Broadcasting Association was formed, with the main goal being to unite the Zendari community and to make it easier for artists to get exposure. The result of this was the Zendari Song Contest. The first edition of the contest saw thirty-six nations compete in two semi finals with the top ten qualifying through to the grand final. There were also two international qualifiers which has been in every single contest to date. In the final, it was Vasseau that won the final with the song, "Ta Peau" getting 154 points. The gap between first and second being only ten points which would be the song from Fiorenza being in second.

The second edition saw thirteen nations debuting with five withdrawing at the same time. The contest was held in Jorlynn, Vasseau as they had won the rights to host the contest. The contest was won by Qyzylsha with the song "Aulë und Yavanna" finishing on 142 points which was fifteen points higher than second place, Wallica.

ZSC 6 to ZSC 10


Edition Countries that debuted
#1  Alotraxia,  Andoria,  Bandiaterra,  Campre,  Cascadia,  Cine,  Coco Islands,  Cyan,  Fiorenza,  Fokland,  Heda Nation,  Ikana,  Jojo's Reich,  Junker,  Kalos Republic,  Othar,  Landland,  Moo,  Nuevo Province,  Offriano,  Olkenland,  Qyzylsha,  Rose,  Sosij,  St. Vitus & Roch,  Skandinavisk Kingdom,  Titonüi,  Tibiris,  Diversia,  Vasseau,  Wallica,  Wo Xi,  Xaliqtyva,  Zamolodchikova,  The Zarélands,  Zerox
#2  Achalasia,  Aquazia,  Ayolulek,  Chattahoochee,  Cojones,  Gigabyte,  Haña,  Mayeria,  Sierra,  Suczeawa,  Teardrop Islands,  Xobrania,  Yuvia
#3  Borschóviya,  Orblein,  Shairia,  Wåri
#4  Pōuto
#5  Elune,  Purple Country
#6  Violía
#7  Franova,  Vashia
#8  Cefloana,  Kydziya,  Rosalina,  Sakao,  Saõ Jung,  Vendujo
#9  Alirie,  Draydal,  Marnos,  Putslopistan,  Rhosỳna,  Sutru,  Üsmile



Since the first edition, slogans (or themes) have been introduced in the show. The slogan and the theme is decided by the host broadcaster.

Edition Host city Slogan
#1 Titonüi Titonovia "Rebirth"
#2 Vasseau Jorlynn "Taking Flight"
#3 Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar "Stand United"
#4 Titonüi Senippiku "Enter The Wild"
#5 Titonüi Titonovia "Go For Gold"
#6 Sierra Aether Ridge "Breaking Barriers"
#7 Wallica Sarhém "Wave Your Colours"
#8 Junker Junkertown "Come On In!"
#9 Qyzylsha Kunurum "Expanding Horizons"


Edition Country Artist(s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city Part.
#1  Vasseau Charlotte "Ta Peau" 154 10  Fiorenza Titonüi Titonovia 36
#2  Qyzylsha Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna" 142 15  Wallica Vasseau Jorlynn 44
#3  Titonüi Alida "Feathers" 153 13  Wo Xi Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar 43
#4  Titonüi Olya Polyakova "Nomer Odin" 141 2  Borschóviya Titonüi Senippiku 44
#5  Sierra Paloma Faith "'Til I'm Done" 193 12  Nuevo Province Titonüi Titonovia 45
#6  Wallica Janelle Monáe "Make Me Feel" 151 2  Wo Xi Sierra Aether Ridge 44
#7  Junker POWERWOLF "Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend" 155 10  Sosij Wallica Sarhém 44
#8  Qyzylsha Freia "Call My Name" 121 11  Sakao Junker Junkertown 41
#9 Qyzylsha Kunurum 44


There has been a couple of spin-offs that have been produced by different broadcasters.

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