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Zendari Song Contest
Zendari Logo.png
Official logo of Zendari Song Contest
Genre Song Contest
Country of origin List of countries in Zendari Song Contest
Original language(s) English
Running time 3 hours
Production company(s) Zendari Broadcasting Association
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release November 2017 – present
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Zendari Song Contest (or simply known as ZSC) is a televised song contest, held between countries which are active members of the Zendari Broadcasting Association. The contest started in November 2017. To join the contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.


ZSC 1 to ZSC 5

On the 25th of November 2017, the Zendari Broadcasting Association was formed, with the main goal being to unite the Zendari community and to make it easier for artists to get exposure. The result of this was the Zendari Song Contest. The first edition of the contest saw thirty-six nations compete in two semi finals with the top ten qualifying through to the grand final. There were also two international qualifiers which has been in every single contest to date. In the final, it was Vasseau that won the final with the song, "Ta Peau" getting 154 points. The gap between first and second being only ten points which would be the song from Fiorenza being in second.

The second edition saw thirteen nations debuting with five withdrawing at the same time. For Cojones and Mayeria, this would be the only time that they would compete in the contest. The contest was held in Jorlynn, Vasseau as they had won the rights to host the contest. The contest was won by Qyzylsha with the song "Aulë und Yavanna" finishing on 142 points which was fifteen points higher than second place, Wallica.

In the following edition, a waiting list was implemented during the second edition which saw some countries joining the list. For four nations though, they would debut in the contest with Orblein being the only debut nation to qualify for the grand final. The contest was held in Ul-Azaar, Qyzylsha and in the final it was Titonüi winning the final by thirteen points over second place Wo Xi.

That meant for the first time, the host nation was hosting their second edition of the contest with Senippiku hosting the contest at the Hyang-Donchi Arena. Only one nation debuted in this edition with, Pōuto making their debut without qualification to the grand final. Two fellow nations returned while two left the contest. In the final it was Titonüi who would create history by being the first country to defend the Zendari title with the song Nomer Odin by Olya Polyakova which won by two points over Borschóviya.

Edition five saw the first country being struck out of the contest with Suczeawa being the first (of eight to date) to be banned. The offence being the multiple countries situation with Sealand being a puppet in another contest. This controversial start didn't dampen the numbers with two more countries debuting (in Elune and Purple Country). The contest would be struck down with it's first major controversy with block voting between five nations in what some described as the "Roblox Saga" which lead to Yuvia qualifying through to the final. This moment led to all of the nations to be given a strike and for Yuvia, they were relegated out of the grand final with the Teardrop Islands coming in. The grand final would be a much more easier time which saw Sierra take out the title with a record score of 193 points. The runner-up being Nuevo Province who was only twelve points off.

ZSC 6 to ZSC 10

Edition six saw the contest move to Aether Ridge in Sierra with one less country than the previous edition. For Violía, it was this edition that they would debut as they failed to make it out of the semis. Four nations withdrew from the contest with two returning to the contest in what would be a one-off. The final would see Rose relegated to last place after a scandal saw the country having the same prime minister as the country of the Coco Islands. Both of those nations was banned from competing in the contest as Wallica came out victorious by two points over second place, Wo Xi.

The seventh edition was the most conversational edition that the song contest has had. This reasoning was because of the allegation of rigging from the leaders of the Zendari Broadcasting Association which would see an uproar in the contest. The damage had the management team be fully replaced with three new members in Franova, Vashia and Yuvia each with differentiating roles. This saw nine withdraw from the following edition and also had Xobrania automatically qualifying through to the final for that edition. Before that occurred, two nations debuted with Vashia and Franova debuting while three returned into the contest. Five withdrew from the contest which did include Coco Islands and Rose. In the final, it was Junker that would take their first Zendari win by ten points over second place, Sosij.

Following on from the great change in not only the countries that entered Zendari Song Contest 8 but a change in management, forty-one nations came to Junkertown for the eighth edition. A new rule was put in place that apply with the talk of votes and scoreboard access only to the person that was collecting. This edition saw the debutantes of six nations including Sakao (which would finish in second) and Rosalina (thirteenth). With the smallest contest since the first edition, Qyzylsha would take top spot for the second time with the song Call My Name scoring the lowest amount of points in Zendari history with 121 points.

The following edition saw even more change in the list of participates with ten nations debuting or returning to the contest. This was balanced by the seven withdraws which saw the number of entries rise up to 44. After behavior issues forced Vendujo to get nuked, the final would see a first time winner with Moo taking the title with the song Body Talks which would score 142 points. Twelve points behind was Sierra with Shairia coming in third. Marnos was the best of the debutantes as they finished in seventh place.

Edition ten saw the contest having its first birthday. To celebrate that and hitting double figures, the management team decided on bringing waiting list countries to the contest as they competed in their own semi final with the top three qualifying for the final and an spot in the following edition. Eleven WL nations competed for those three spots but it would go to Omiina, Éimi and Laigheann all booking their spots in the final. For the other forty-six nations (including six returnees), it was business as usual in Farmville as their was no International Jury for this edition because of the third semi. In the Grand Final, it was Xobrania who would take the title with the song Ruin. This song would create history by being the highest haul of points with 202, eighteen points ahead of second place Rhosỳna. Sutru came in third, seventeen points further behind.

ZSC 11 to ZSC 15


Edition Countries that debuted
#1  Alotraxia,  Andoria,  Bandiaterra,  Campre,  Cascadia,  Cine,  Coco Islands,  Cyan,  Fiorenza,  Fokland,  Heda Nation,  Ikana,  Jojo's Reich,  Junker,  Kalos Republic,  Othar,  Landland,  Moo,  Nuevo Province,  Offriano,  Olkenland,  Qyzylsha,  Rose,  Sosij,  St. Vitus & Roch,  Skandinavisk Kingdom,  Titonüi,  Tibiris,  Diversia,  Vasseau,  Wallica,  Wo Xi,  Xaliqtyva,  Zamolodchikova,  The Zarélands,  Zerox
#2  Achalasia,  Aquazia,  Ayolulek,  Chattahoochee,  Cojones,  Gigabyte,  Haña,  Mayeria,  Sierra,  Suczeawa,  Teardrop Islands,  Xobrania,  Yuvia
#3  Borschóviya,  Orblein,  Shairia,  Wåri
#4  Pōuto
#5  Elune,  Purple Country
#6  Violía
#7  Franova,  Vashia
#8  Cefloana,  Kydziya,  Rosalina,  Sakao,  Saõ Jung,  Vendujo
#9  Alirie,  Draydal,  Marnos,  Putslopistan,  Rhosỳna,  Sutru,  Üsmile
#10  Carlamastia,  Cruona, Éimi,  Epral,  Karanova,  Laigheann,  Mond Sabyar,  Omiina,  Phillipino Islands,  Vovaltik,  Yakolira (as guests)
#11  Éimi,  Laigheann,  Omiina
#12  Epral,  Yakolira
#13  Carlamastia (withdrew),  Hexia
#14  Atkanzia,  Cruona,  Karanova,  Mond Sabyar,  Vovaltik
#15  Birmanda,  Ceflodoziya,  Jiouji,  Kuurahvas,  Nougoeso,  Sangviland,  United Ecàlh Republic



Since the first edition, slogans (or themes) have been introduced in the show. The slogan and the theme is decided by the host broadcaster.

Edition Host city Slogan
#1 Titonüi Titonovia "Rebirth"
#2 Vasseau Jorlynn "Taking Flight"
#3 Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar "Stand United"
#4 Titonüi Senippiku "Enter The Wild"
#5 Titonüi Titonovia "Go For Gold"
#6 Sierra Aether Ridge "Breaking Barriers"
#7 Wallica Sarhém "Wave Your Colours"
#8 Junker Junkertown "Come On In!"
#9 Qyzylsha Kunurum "Expanding Horizons"
#10 Moo Farmville "Let Your Body Talk"
#11 Xobrania Xel Aviv "Shooting Stars"
#12 Xobrania Xerusalem "#explore"
#13 Xobrania Xaris "Crossing Borders"
#14 Xaliqtyva Liudzi "Retribution"
#15 Alirie City of Ir TBA


Edition Country Artist(s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city Part.
#1  Vasseau Charlotte "Ta Peau" 154 10  Fiorenza Titonüi Titonovia 36
#2  Qyzylsha Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna" 142 15  Wallica Vasseau Jorlynn 44
#3  Titonüi Alida "Feathers" 153 13  Wo Xi Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar 43
#4  Titonüi Olya Polyakova "Nomer Odin" 141 2  Borschóviya Titonüi Senippiku 44
#5  Sierra Paloma Faith "'Til I'm Done" 193 12  Nuevo Province Titonüi Titonovia 45
#6  Wallica Janelle Monáe "Make Me Feel" 151 2  Wo Xi Sierra Aether Ridge 44
#7  Junker POWERWOLF "Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend" 155 10  Sosij Wallica Sarhém 44
#8  Qyzylsha Freia "Call My Name" 121 11  Sakao Junker Junkertown 41
#9  Moo The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 142 12  Sierra Qyzylsha Kunurum 44
#10  Xobrania So Below "Ruin" 202 18  Rhosỳna Moo Farmville 57
#11  Xobrania Ella Eyre "Comeback" 218 20  Sosij Xobrania Xel Aviv 49
#12  Xobrania MARUV "Black Water" 171 11  Titonüi Xobrania Xerusalem 49
#13  Xaliqtyva Charlotte Adigéry "High Lights" 159 3  Rhosỳna Xobrania Xaris 44
#14  Alirie Salt Ashes "Save It" 148 15  Epral Xaliqtyva Liudzi 41
#15  Violía M.I.A. "Bad Girls" 177 13  Aquazia Alirie City of Ir 43
#16  Yakolira M¥SS KETA "UNA VITA IN CAPSLOCK" 165 4  Fokland Violía Diamantique 43
#17 Yakolira TBA


There has been a couple of spin-offs that have been produced by different broadcasters.

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