Zendari Halloween Special 2019

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Zendari Halloween Special 2019
ZHWS19 Main Promo.png
Final TBA
Host city Kyrbo The National Auditorium, Olgarve
Host broadcaster Kyrbo Kyrboese Broadcasting Corporation (KBC)
Debuting countries All countries

Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 point to all songs.
Zendari Halloween Special

Zendari Halloween Special 2019 (ZHWS19) was the first edition of Zendari Halloween Special, a spin-off contest of the Zendari Song Contest. It was hosted by the debutant nation of Kyrbo.

Bidding Phase[edit | edit source]

Following a successful bid to host ZHWS19: the flag icons, logos, theme, slogans and format were approved on Thursday 17th October 2019 by the Host Broadcaster, KBC and ZBA. The bidding phase consisted of competitive submissions of the above criteria, which were put forward to the ZBA, and subsequently judged by ZBU members. Bids were received from: Nuevo Province, Nougoeso, Üsmile, United Ecàlh Republic & Cyan respectively. The voting period lasted 3 days and comprised a reaction poll on the platform, Discord.

Confirmation & Venue[edit | edit source]

Upon acceptance of hosting of ZHWS19, the Kyrboese Head of Delegation (HoD), proposed the venue of The National Auditorium in the state's capital city of Olgarve. The HoD explained to the ZBA that "the location is easy to get to with ample transport links; as well as being a key part of the nation's history." The HoD elborates further by mentioning how "the iconic venue hosted Ivory Layne in the days after her qualification in the Final of Maia Song Contest 29 and subsequent Top 10 placing in Kyrbo's debut participation."

The National Auditorium in Olgarve

Hosts & Contest Details[edit | edit source]
Tom Daley
Chris Mears

21st October 2019 welcomed the prompt announcement from the national broadcaster, KBC, announcing the hosts for the upcoming ZHWS19 Festival. The hosts were announced as Tom Daley and Chris Mears. In an official press statement released from KBC Headquarters, in Olgarve, "the hosts were chosen for their international appeal" and internal support from the Minister for Media, Culture & Entertainment. The statement also elaborated as to how these critera were at the core of choosing suitability of hosts from a total of 25 applicants.

After the official announcement was made on KBC's Channel 1 at 18:00 GMT, the duo received an unprecedented amount of press contact. The duo later attended an impromptu Press Conference outside the HQ of KBC in central Olgarve. This was where The Kyrboese HoD, announced details of how the hosts would feature in the Interval Act of the contest during the Grand Final. Kyrboese media have rumoured the dance number to be thrilling, engaging and sensual which encapsulates all things quintessentially Kyrboese.

Fans of the Olympic Divers have vivaciously expressed support for the ZHWS19 via various social media outlets. In light of this, both the KBC and HoD release a reserved number of tickets for the show to the most dedicated cohort of Daley's & Mears' fans. These tickets also included, a backstage VIP meet and greet with the hosts and the contest participants from across the Zendari World.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  • The Zendari Basic Rules
  • Everyone with a country is allowed to participate. Countries that haven't participated in Zendari Song Contest are allowed to compete.
  • Your song MUST be on youtube.
  • The song must have something to do with halloween/spooky theme.

Participating Countries[edit | edit source]

Grand Final[edit | edit source]

Playlist can be found here. Recap can be found here.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Frendakia English LOLO "Hit and Run" 5th 79
02  Leguya English Rihanna "Disturbia" 11th 74
03  Üsmile Russian MANIZHA "MAMA" 10th 74
04  Rhosỳna English China Anne McClain "Calling All The Monsters" 1st 98
05  Oxyan Republic English Ray Parker Jr. "Ghostbusters" 12th 68
06  Moo English The Pretty Reckless "House On A Hill" 23rd 42
07  Motezona English Marilyn Manson "This is Halloween" 29th 19
08  Fokland Japanese MASA ft. Hatsune Miku and GUMI Soap Lagoon 20th 47
09  Morlandnor English Sammi Constantine "Watch Yourself" 16th 59
10  Cyan English Lady Gaga "Bloody Mary" 8th 77
11  Chattahoochee English Ice Nine Kills "Thriller" 30th 18
12  Dodo English E-Type "Angels Crying" 28th 27
13  Kyrbo English Eliza and the Bear "Hell" 21st 45
14  United Ecàlh Republic English Silly Symphony "The Skeleton Dance" 26th 33
15  Yakolira English Delta Rae "Bottom Of The River" 4th 83
16  Kuurahvas English Mobiles "Drowning In Berlin" 24th 37
17  Marnos English Maggie Lindemann "Human" 15th 62
18  Draydal English Ashnikko "Halloweenie" 22nd 42
19  Kosla Finnish Chisu "Ikävä" 9th 76
20  Nougoeso English Halsey "Control" 19th 48
21  Bonkaterra Mongolian Hishigdalai "Ghost" 18th 54
22  Junker English POWERWOLF "We Drink Your Blood" 6th 78
23  Yuvia English Lorn "Acid Rain" 7th 78
24  Purple Country English David Bowie "Im Afraid Of Americans" 27th 29
25  Elune English Jazmin Bean "Saccharine" 14th 62
26  Violía English Georgi Kay "Scary People" 17th 54
27  Zerox English Icon For Hire "Off With Her Head" 13th 65
28  Xavian English Jannine Weigel "GHOSTBUSTER" 2nd 90
29  Mond Sabyar English Fever Ray "Wanna Sip" 3rd 85
30  Vovaltik Korean VIXX "VOODOO DOLL" 25th 37

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in Zendari Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with an active ZBA membership that is be able to broadcast the contest. All countries with an active ZBA membership have been given an invitation to join this edition.

Active ZBA countries[edit | edit source]

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