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Republic of Xobrania
Motto: Qsjef Boe Hmpsz
Pride And Glory
Anthem: Ypcsbojbo Tpoh (Xobranian Song)
Largest city Xel Aviv
Official languages Xobranian
Religion Judaism (85%)
Christianity (10%)
Other (5%)
Demonym Xobranian
Government Republic
 •  President Xenia Cohen
 •  Prime Minister Xavier Levy
 •  2018 estimate 14,051,948
Currency Xobri (₪) (XOB)
ISO 3166 code XO
Internet TLD .XO

Xobrania (Xobranian: Ypcsbojb), officially the Republic of Xobrania (Xobranian: Sfqvcmjd pg Ypcsbojb) is a sovereign state in the Meridis region of Zendari, known for being the first and only Jewish state in the world. The country takes part in the Zendari Song Contest through the national Xobranian Public Broadcaster, member of the Zendari Broadcasting Association.

History[edit | edit source]

Xobrania was founded in 1666 by a group of Jewish people from Nuevo Province who were chased out of their country. The unknown lands of south Meridis later became independent and were turned into the first Jewish state in Zendari. Xobrania is the southernmost country in the world. Neighbouring countries include Alirie, Nuevo Province, Othar, Sakao and Wo Xi.

Culture[edit | edit source]

In early 2018, largest Xobranian city Xel Aviv hosted Zendarifestivalen 2 after Nova Miller's victory. In early 2019, a Xobranian city will host Zendari Song Contest 11.

Population[edit | edit source]

City Population
Xarinton TBA
Xaris TBA
Xel Aviv TBA
Xerusalem TBA
Xialedys TBA
Xiareano TBA
Xoscov TBA
Xyview TBA
Other TBA

Personalities[edit | edit source]

List of Xobranian personalities