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Member station Xaliqtyva Muzyka Viaščaĺnik (XMV)
National selection events Internal selection
Appearances 7 (4 finals)
First appearance #1
Best result 3rd: #4
Worst result 19th (SF): #2

Xaliqtyva has participated in the Zendari Song Contest seven times since making their debut in the first edition in Titonovia. The country best result was a third place at the fourth edition of the contest in Senippiku

History[edit | edit source]

Zendari Song Contest 1[edit | edit source]

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#1 Canada Tanya Tagaq English "Retribution" Failed to qualify 17 29
#2 Italy Ganes Ladin "La pesc gnará" 19 38
#3 Iran/Flag of the Netherlands.svg Sevdaliza English "That Other Girl" 11 98 7 71
#4 Ukraine Gabrielle Aplin English "The Power Of Love" 3 134 8 75
#5 Ecuador MINA Spanish "Niña Mala" 24 58 AQ
#6 Czech Republic Marketa Irglova English "The Leading Bird" Failed to qualify 12 67
#7 Sweden Adna English "Living" 14 95 6 74
Did not enter in #8 or #9
#10 Flag of the United States.svg Celine Neon English "Getcha Good" 21 87 7 76
#11 Norway Jenny Hval English "Kingsize"

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Themedari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Xaliqtyva is a regular participant in the Themedari Song Contest.

Contest Theme Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Xaliqtyva #1 Less than 50,000 views October English "1000 Eyes" 2 184 2 106

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of #2, Xaliqtyva's voting history is as follows (not including IJ):

Spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson
#1 Flag of Titonüi.png Titonovia Chlöe Howl
#2 Flag of Vasseau.png Jorlynn Tanya Tagaq
#3 Flag of Qyzylsha.png Ul-Azaar
#4 Flag of Titonüi.png Senippiku Adna
#5 Flag of Titonüi.png Titonovia Gabrielle Aplin
#6 Flag of Sierra.jpg Aether Ridge
#7 Flag of Wallica.png Sarhém Marketa Irglova
Did not enter #8 or #9

12 Points from Xaliqtyva[edit | edit source]

Table key
  International Jury voter
Edition Final Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#1  Ikana Fiordmoss "Madstone" 22nd  Diversia Mynth "Mirrors" 6th  Wallica Ana Zimmer "I Got The Balls" 5th
#2  Chattahoochee RIVALS "Moonlit" 5th  Chattahoochee RIVALS "Moonlit" 8th  Aquazia Fleurie "Hurricane" 6th
#3  Wallica Yelle "Ba$$in" 13th  Sosij Miss Eaves "TNT" 17th  Sierra Natali Felicia "Run Like the River" 10th
#4  Moo Cécile Corbel "Entendez-Vous" 10th  Aquazia FKA twigs "Two Weeks" 10th  Wallica Mai Lan "Technique" 11th
#5  Sierra Paloma Faith "'Til I'm Done" 1st  Sierra Paloma Faith "'Til I'm Done" 3rd  Wallica Charlotte OC "Blackout" 17th
#6  Junker Shirin "Back to the Basics" 17th  Elune Valentino Khan "Deep Down Low" 10th  Junker Shirin "Back to the Basics" 7th
#7  Fiorenza Joseph "SOS (Overboard)" 18th  Fiorenza Joseph "SOS (Overboard)" 9th  Ayolulek Maya Berović "Nisam Normalna" 5th

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