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Plurinational State of Wallica, Fameppe, the Two Saalands, Outawaska, the East Marks and Gasperland
Motto: Una gente sub caelo
"One nation under the skies"
Anthem: Somebody Like You
by Daria Kinzer
and largest city
Official languages None
Recognised national languages French (lingua franca)
Recognised regional languages German
Northern Sami
Demonym Wallican
Government Directorial federation
 •  President-General Ice Bear
 •  Head of government Council of the Peoples
 •  2016 estimate 94,651,046
Currency Tournoi (₮) (FWT)
Drives on the right
ISO 3166 code WL

The Plurinational State of Wallica, Fameppe, the Two Saalands, Outawaska, the East Marks and Gasperland, more commonly referred to as simply Wallica, is a directorial federation composed of 8 nations. It shares a land border with Cyan and Purple Country to the east, with Yuvia to the southeast and with Titonüi to the northwest.

Geography[edit | edit source]

List of Wallican cantons
No. Name Abbr. Seat Largest city
1 Abitibie.png Abitibie AB Mérantic Caminguat
2 Acadie.png Acadie AC Brunsbourg Fatty-sur-Fatte
3 Altebay.png Altebay AL Havenaux Bancthognes-de-Capelle
4 Arel.png Arel AR Arel Stad Arel Stad
5 Bassebay.png Bassebay BA Odernai Trémoigne
6 Cauxes.png Cauxes CA Havrecauxe Rouey
7 Champlaine.png Champlaine CH Rémiges Dizierfort
8 Costentin.png Costentin CO Cherbérou Cherbérou
9 Cyanthal.png Cyanthal CY Borderhouse Thauville
10 Bassesdeodates.png Basses Déodates BD Nançay Nançay
11 Hautesdeodates.png Hautes Déodates HD Épinau Épinau
12 Edouardie.png Édouardie ED Fagneux Le Lucq
13 Evitivivi.png Évitivivi EV Évitivivi Évitivivi
14 Erhouse.png Erhouse EH Erhouse Erhouse
15 Fameppe.png Fameppe FA Charlesrepos Luicq
16 Gasperie.png Gaspérie GA Rimocourt Rimocourt
17 Gelbwalz.png Gelbwalz GW Friedenheim Friedenheim
18 Heginault.png Héginault HG Vallers Vallers
19 Lacmerantic.png Lac Mérantic LM Sauguenay-le-Lac Sauguenay-le-Lac
20 Monteregie.png Montérégie MR Montierval Montierval
21 Neupfalz.png Neupfalz NP Königslautern Bad Ehsweiler
22 Basoutawaska.png Bas Outawaska BO Rimosky Rimosky
23 Hautoutawaska.png Haut Outawaska HO Sept-Églises Sept-Églises
24 Pichardie.png Pichardie PC Crenaillis Aménois
25 Saguegne.png Saguègne SA Saguégny Saguégny
26 Savernie.png Savernie SV Sarhém Sarhém
27 Temisetlevis.png Témis et Lévis TL Lévis Témis
28 Thannoy.png Thannoy TH Thannes Thannes
29 Trererland.png Trererland TR Trerau Trerau
30 Vulkanien.png Vulkanien VK Ahrlächheim Ahrlächheim

Holidays[edit | edit source]

Date Holiday Notes First observed
January 1st New Year's Day Start of the Gregorian new year. 1923
January 6th Epiphany Commemorates the visit of the three Magi to the Christ Child. 1845
February 2nd Candlemas Commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. 1845
March 3rd Tolerance Day Also known as Make Up Day. Celebrates tolerance between sexual orientations. 2018
Moveable Good Friday Commemorates the passion and crucifixion of Jesus. 1845
Moveable Easter Commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. 1845
Moveable Easter Monday Bank holiday given to lengthen the Easter weekend. 1956
May 1st Labour Day Celebration of labourers and the working classes. 1925
May 2nd Citizen Day Commemorates the end of absolute monarchy and the Edict of Rémiges 1794
Moveable (39 days after Easter) Ascension Commemorates Jesus' ascension to Heaven. 1845
Moveable Ascension Friday Bank holiday given to lengthen the Ascension weekend. 1956
Moveable (50 days after Easter) Pentecost Commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. 1845
Moveable Whit Monday Bank holiday given to lengthen the Pentecost weekend. 1956
June 21st Solstice Day Formerly known as Saint John's Day. Celebrates the arrival of summer. 1981
November 1st All Saints Day Commemorates all saints. 1845
November 12th Federation Day Celebrates the anniversary date of the foundation of the current Wallican regime, the Federation. 2002
December 21st Remembrance Day Commemorates the Great Storm of 2012 that killed 1,732 people in Wallica and destroyed coastal villages. 2013
December 25th Christmas Day Commemorates the birth of Jesus. 1845

Famous people from Wallica[edit | edit source]