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These countries are currently waiting to debut in Zendari Song Contest, and have been placed here for a variety of different reasons, but mostly because the contest is full at the given moment.

Whenever countries withdraw from Zendari Song Contest, countries in the waiting list will be chosen to enter the contest. They will be chosen in the list given below, so the country at the top of the list will be asked first. If they choose to decline, or if there are more spots available in the contest, the second person on the list will be asked.
Declining an invitation does not make you lose your waiting list position.

It should also be noted that countries who have competed in Zendari Song Contest previously will have priority in re-joining the contest.

# Country Discord name Facebook name Applied on...
1 Flag of Violía.png Violía dia#9720 6th February 2018
2 Flag of Franova.png Franova Franova#4676 Dennis Evans 7th February 2018
3 Flag of Vashia.png Vashia [Kanami] CommonwealthHawk#2600 Matthew Coldhill-Smink 7th February 2018
4 Flag of Vendujo.png Vendujo unique#3960 7th February 2018
5 Flag of Cefloana.png Cefloana MalgorataJamrozy#5483 9th February 2018
6 Flag of Kaken Republic.png Kaken Republic Maciek22#4503 16th February 2018
7 Flag of Kydziya.png Kydziya nikita#1676 19th February 2018
8 Flag of Rosalina.png Rosalina ESC SimsLover#0752 27th February 2018
9 Flag of Sakao.png Sakao eobseo#0525 28th February 2018
10 Flag of Liberland.png Liberland heisenberg#8360 5th March 2018
11 Flag of Putslopistan.png Putslopistan katslattery#8657 12th March 2018
12 Flag of Saõ Jung.png Saõ Jung Cheese#5203 19th March 2018
13 Flag of Epral.png Epral Zwiss#0253 25th March 2018
14 Flag of Atkanzia.png Atkanzia Alper#8361 25th March 2018
15 Flag of Konismir.png Konismir Tobias/WYPR#1994 Tobias Lennstrand 25th March 2018
16 Flag of Draydal.png Draydal Apo#7432 Apostolis Hoe 6th April 2018
17 Flag of Winskoland.png Winskoland Mikelikesim#9931 6th April 2018
18 Flag of Oofaria.png Oofaria oof#3901 Sugzy Buns 16th April 2018
19 Flag of Tseldora.png Tseldora SilverLine#7114 19th April 2018
20 Flag of Alirie.png Alirie Sofia♥#8008 27 April 2018
21 Flag of Carlamastia.png Carlamastia Jack/Carla#4931 27th April 2018
22 Flag of Marnos.png Marnos MaxK#2297 27th April 2018
23 Flag of Sutru.png Sutru Rickolas#7060 28th April 2018
24 Flag of Rhosỳna.png Rhosỳna Scott#0269 6th May 2018