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These countries are currently waiting to debut in Zendari Song Contest, and have been placed here for a variety of different reasons, but mostly because the contest is full at the given moment.

Whenever countries withdraw from Zendari Song Contest, countries in the waiting list will be chosen to enter the contest. They will be chosen in the list given below, as of the fifteenth edition countries are handpicked from the list, based on activity in the server and other contests. To avoid the overflow of inactive members.

Table key
  Declined nation
  Inactive nation
Country Discord name Facebook name Applied on...
Flag of Kosla.png Kosla Øyster#7683 Øystein Mathias Wenes 20th January 2019
Flag of Orontonia.png Orontonia Jamie#6568 25th May 2019
Flag of Oxyan Republic.png Oxyan Republic oxyo#8914 29th May 2019
Flag of Frendakia.png Frendakia Happy!#1544 29th May 2019
Flag of Morlandnor.png Morlandnor ittai8#9312 29th May 2019
Flag of Motezona.png Motezona J.J Bermudez#1885 3rd June 2019
Flag of Bonkaterra.png Bonkaterra Chimlin#1055 17th July 2019
Flag of Nathiatra.png Nathiatra SanderNL#6156 18th July 2019
Flag of Ijima.png Ijima Zen#5292 18th July 2019
Flag of Morunva.png Morunva max#0517 18th July 2019
Flag of Kyzeshnia.png Kyzeshnia willow#3236 11th August 2019
Flag of Fyrstein.png Fyrstein norraena#7458 11th August 2019
Flag of Nordenland.png Nordenland AviationGeekInsta#0161 11th August 2019
Flag of Elganandija.png Elganandija thatone#6834 27th August 2019
Inactive Countries
Country Discord name Facebook name Applied on...
Flag of Liberland.png Liberland heisenberg#8360 5th March 2018
Flag of Konismir.png Konismir 25th March 2018
Flag of Tseldora.png Tseldora 19th April 2018
Flag of Schymanland.png Schymanland stalinista#7344 11th May 2018
Flag of Gilead.png Gilead 27th May 2018
Flag of Yarumayo.png Yarumayo 4th June 2018
Flag of Neolinn.png Neolinn josh#4490 29th October 2018
Flag of Phillipino Islands.png Phillipino Islands Phillips //#4126 8th November 2018
Dingylingling flag.png Dingylingling‎ antonywinter#6675 19th November 2018
Flag of Braceletia.png Braceletia‎* FlipLineFan#2620 6th February 2019

(*) placed on inactive list due to failure to vote in Themedari Song Contest