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Republic of Vovaltik
Motto: Gaü ed hod I!
Go and do it!
Anthem: Voval Änthëm
and largest city
St. Richard
Official languages Voval
Religion Vooval
Demonym Voval
Government Republic
 •  2019 estimate 15,951,001
Date format yyyy/mm/dd
Drives on the right
Calling code +587
ISO 3166 code VT

Vovaltik is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

The Beginning[edit | edit source]

BC 548: founded Voval Empire
BC 501: Voval Empire got New Name: Holy Voval Empire
BC 343: founded Tikania
BC 342: Voval-Tikanian Pact
BC 273: Voval-Tikanian Forever Friend Pact
BC 143: Attack by The Zarélands: lost the North Part of the country
BC: 53: Get back the territories from The Zarélands

First Hard Times[edit | edit source]

AC 3: Tikanian rebels in the capital (Ricshard), the incident lost, Tikania is part of the Holy Voval Empire
AC 45: Holy Voval Empire is the strongest country in the Zendari World
AC 52: Start new expeditions, expand new territories
AC 105: Second Tikanian revolution, success: Tikania isn't part of Holy Voval Empire anymore
AC 290: The Holy Voval Empire come apart to new mini countries (the 34 countries: Aalhana, Banat, Bpukcra, Cenninojya, Csicsolina, Dudunk, Finandinja, Gougugnangw, Huuuuhji, Ioniin, Iorita, Jobbos, Kokkonta, Laphanzs, Noobina, Orantied, Pokol, Querriqerreheldinhonjona, Rurohha, Satuka, Totirina, Ubwja, Uwuka, Űzendø, Shökenre, Tajilkajd, Tuueunta, Vinga, Wastasre, Wekkajadh, Xiquru, Yup på, Uyuyhz, Zsókag)
AC 312: Tikania start to attack countries
AC 312-329: Aalhana, Dudunk, Huuuuhji, Laphanzs, Ubwja, Uwuka, Shökenre, Xiquru and Uyuyhz annexed to Tikania.
AC 330: Vovals reunited as Vonia AC 332: Vonia get back territories and renamed as People's Republic of Vovalina. AC 526-692: Neo-Voval War (finished with Voval win)

The Exploring[edit | edit source]

AC 825: Non-aggression pact with Hexeland (today as Hexia) AC 1023: Start exploring countries AC 1035: Found Jojo's Reich and underwrite a non-aggression pact AC 1040: Found Elutos Empire and underwrite an Ally Pact AC 1043: Found Violía and underwrite a forever friend pact AC 1062: Found Sosij, the smallest country in Zendari and underwrite an Ally Pact AC 1063: Found Wo Xi and underwrite a Friendly Pact AC 1081: Explored all Zendari contries

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TV Series[edit | edit source]