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Kingdom of Violía
Royaume de Violique (French)
Reino de Violera (Spanish)
Cailrnun ull Vaiuraie (Violían)

Motto: Tous unis (French)
Todos unidos (Spanish)
Err ilaidan (Violían)
All united
Anthem: "Il faut vivre"
"Debemos vivir"
"Wa nird raiya"
Royal anthem"Notre Violique"
"Nuestra Violera"
"Uis Vaiuraie"
Map of Violía
Map of Violía
and largest city
Official languages French
Recognized languages English
Religion 97% Atheism
2% Christianity
1% other
Demonym Violían
Government Unitary constitutional monarchy
 •  Prime Minister King Clément of Violía
 •  Deputy Prime Minister Bette, Duchess of Diamantique
 •  2018 estimate 12,731,829
Currency Violían Dépenseaux (Ð)
Date format DD-MM-YYYY
Drives on the left
Calling code +75
ISO 3166 code VA
Internet TLD .va

Violía is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Kingdom of Eidipia (1156–1958)[edit | edit source]

Up until 1156, the Kingdom of Eidipia (modern day Violía) was non-existent. It was a large patch of land which was unclaimed by any nation. This was until the Edipian founder, Martin Garcia Dubois, came across this land and claimed it as the Kingdom of Eidipia.

Flag of Kingdom of Eidipia

Eidivio War (1958)[edit | edit source]

In 1958, the Kingdom of Eidipia against Eidipian rebels called Violíans who did not like the dictatorship ways of Eidipia. The Eidipian rebels won and Carolin Rose, claimed it as the Republic of Violía.

Kingdom of Violía (1958–)[edit | edit source]

On August 8th 1958, the Kingdom of Violía replaced the Kingdom of Eidipia and switched the official language to include French and Violían alongside Spanish. French is the most commonly spoken language in Violía. After Carolin Rose claimed Violía, she became the first Prime Minister and Queen of Violía. She created many houses, shops, workplaces, etc. Violía was a great place. She named the city of Diamantique as the capital of Violía and from that point the population boomed.

Flag of Republic of Violía

Present[edit | edit source]

The Royal Family[edit | edit source]

The Royal Family is the most relevant and important family in Violía. The member of the Royal Family is who is lucky enough to become Monarch also becomes the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister can choose their significant other as the Deputy Prime Minister or any citizen (albeit, there are some regulations) as the Deputy Prime Minister.

  • Queen Mother, Lady Mary Rose (1921–2007)
    • Simple silver crown.svg Queen Carolin of Violía (1938–2012)
      • Simple silver crown.svg Queen Alexandrine of Violía (1961–2018)
        • Simple gold crown.svg King Clément of Violía (b. 1982)
          • (1) Princess Gabrielle, Duchess of Aimeau (b. 2000)
          • (2) Princess Manon of Diamantique (b. 2002)
          • (3) Prince Lucien of Diamantique (b. 2005)
        • (4) Princess Adalie, Duchess of Preszantè (b. 1985)
          • (5) Prince Noël of Preszantè (b. 2010)
          • (6) Princess Sarah of Preszantè (b. 2011)
        • (7) Prince Adrien, Duke of Létaî (b. 1989)
          • (8) Princess Chloe of Létaî (b. 2015)
          • (9) Princess Marie of Létaî (b. 2017)
          • (10) Prince Harry of Létaî (b. 2018)
      • (11) Prince Maxim, Duke of Rubeil (b. 1962)
        • (12) Prince Claude, Duke of Amórese (b. 1986)
          • (13) Prince Louis of Amórese (b. 2009)
          • (14) Princess Juli of Amórese (b. 2011)
    • (15) Lord Colin Rose (b. 1941)
      • (16) Lord Amou Rose (b. 1964)
        • (17) Lady Chanel Rose (b. 1983)
        • (18) Lady Clare Rose (b. 1986)
      • (19) Lord Avent Rose (b. 1964)
        • (20) Lord Michel Rose (b. 1981)
        • (21) Lady June Rose (b. 1983)
        • (22) Lord Eduard Rose (b. 1984)
      • Lady Aubrie Thomas (née Rose) (1966–1995)
        • (23) Lady Briana Thomas (b. 1992)
    • (24) Lady Cecila Baron (née Rose) (b. 1942)

The Prime Minister of Violía is King Clément of Violía and the Deputy Prime Minister of Violía is Bette, Duchess of Diamantique.

This tree is not finished, family members are still being added.

Dukedoms[edit | edit source]

A list of dukedoms sorted into the regions

Region Dukedom Currently held by Formerly held by
Clarisé Diamantique King Clément of Violía
Bette, Duchess of Diamantique
Queen Alexandrine of Violía
Lord Thibault Leblanc
Queen Carolin of Violía
Lord Damien Bouteau
Rubeil Prince Maxim, Duke of Rubeil N/A
Coiffera Amórese Prince Claude, Duke of Amórese
Aimeau Princess Gabrielle, Duchess of Aimeau
Cristaux Àcôti N/A
Cuire Preszantè Princess Adalie, Duchess of Preszantè
Kyrique N/A
Cercastó Létaî Prince Adrien, Duke of Létaî
Édia N/A

Regions[edit | edit source]

A list of regions in order of size

# Region Notes Largest city
1 Cercastó The largest region of Violía; the best region to go for adventures. Létaî
2 Clarisé The best region to go for work. Diamantique (capital & largest city)
3 Coiffera The best region to go for hair styling. Amórese
4 Cuire The best region to go for food. Preszantè
5 Cristaux The best region to go for luxurious things. Àcôti

National Holidays[edit | edit source]

Holiday Date Description
Le Jour du Nouvel An
(New Year's Day)
January 1st Celebrates the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
Le Jour de l'Égalité
(Equality Day)
July 2nd Celebrates all sexual orientations and equality and celebrates the middle of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
Le Jour de Bye Bitch
(Bye Bitch Day)
October 17th Celebrates Vendujo's non-existence.
Le Réveillon de Noël
(Christmas Eve)
December 24th The day before the birth of Jesus.
Le Jour de Noël
(Christmas Day)
December 25th Celebrates the birth of Jesus.
Le Lendemain de Noël
(Boxing Day)
December 26th A day to give to the less fortunate.
Le Réveillon du Nouvel An
(New Year's Eve)
December 31st Celebrates the last day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

Violían Venues[edit | edit source]

Name Location Capacity
Arène Découverte
(Discovery Arena)
Diamantique, Clarisé 20,000
Arène Violaise
(Violían Arena)
Salle Concert Musicale
(Musical Concert Hall)
Amórese, Coiffera 25,000
Ville Mode
(Fashion Town)
Àcôti, Cristaux 12,000
Arène Voix
(Voice Arena)
Preszantè, Cuire 10,000
Palais Nourriture
(Food Palace)
Centre Sportif
(Sport Centre)
Létaî, Cercastó 5,000