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Republic of Vendujo
Kiss My Ass
Anthem: "Strange Cunt"
by Monét X Dead
Where Vendujo used to be
Where Vendujo used to be
and largest city
Official languages None
Religion None
Demonym Vendese
Government Republic
 •  President None
 •  Vice President None
 •  2018 estimate 0
Currency Vendese Mash Potato (VDJ)
Date format DD/MM/YY
Drives on the left
Calling code +703
ISO 3166 code VD
Internet TLD .VD
A typical city skyline in Vendujo

Corpse City (formerly known as Vendujo) is an ex-country, now nuclear testing ground in the Zendari world. It was nuked by a joint effort from Alirie, Nuevo Province, Junker, Titonüi, Xobrania, Violía, Epral, Vasseau, Karanova, Aquazia, Sutru, Chattahoochee, Olkenland, Atkanzia, Laigheann, Shairia, Rhosỳna and Purple Country. Laigheann also hurled a bucket of stones at it for good measure. Éimi intended to participate in the nuclear bombing but remembered at the last minute that it has no nuclear weapons, declaring that it was "nuking in spirit."


Vendujo gets its name from the Maltese words "Vendetta" and "Dubju" which mean "Vengeance doubts". It reflects on the times of Murphenzia, and how even though Vendujo used weapons to reclaim the country, the republic does not condone abuse or planned hatred towards one another, and would rather promote peace and prosperity.


Vendujo gained independence in 1896 from surrounding land and has since fluorished as a successful, happy place. Vendujo's capital and largest city, Cilmurph, is one of the most historical places in the Zendari world, with the outskirts of the main city being filled with ancient ruins dating back to around 1700 BC.

High Land of Murphenzia (1224─1896)

From 1224 up until 1895, the official name for Vendujo was "The High Land of Murphenzia" due to the dynasty of dictators that ruled over the land, dating back to 1330. On February 7th, 1896, An army of 300,000 men tramples the streets of the former capital, Leixlip, up to the current dictators palace, The Palace of Murphenzia. The soldiers slaughtered the dynasty of Murphenzia and declared the country a Republic. The dynasty is memorized in the current capital city, Cilmurph, in which you can see within the title.

Gold Rushes of Vendujo (1925─1927)

On November 11th 1925, Vendese Miners went excavating a cave a few miles from the Scaveline Hanging Cliffs, and the Huantína River. They dug 250 feet below ground level and found thousands of tons of gold. Scaveline transported gold all around the country to help the growing nation thrive, which is the main reason behind Vendujo's contemporary building style.

Due to the extravagant rare findings from the Scavelinean, the rest of the country self-determined that there must be more gold beneath the grounds they walk on, so more miners were employed and continued scavenging for gold. On 18th July 1927, Vivånese miners discovered almost twice as much gold as was found in Scaveline.

Miners are still digging for gold to this day, but cities like Cilmurph, Kjeunik and Leixlip have banned excavation anywhere near the city grounds as they want to preserve both the modernity of their city grounds and their ruins of the city borders. Another reason is that it is believed there is only gold near the Southeastern ocean border, due to a failed Vendese heist way back in BC 283, when foreign thiefs sailed over and attempted to rob Vendujo, but dropped all gold they stole into the depths below.

Civil War (1931─1934)

During the winter of 1929, Scaveline were testing new weapons, that included a large missile, in which they were required to test into the ocean for health and safety purposes. The missile was accidentally set off 142 degrees off from its target destination, due to a slip up in construction. The missile hit a village between Cilmurph and Leixlip, killing over 1,000 civilians and injuring another 300.

The council of Cilmurph, Leixlip and Kjeunik saw this as a purposeful attack due to the weapons examination being private from the public eye. Vivånet defended Scaveline's apology stating how they knew the missiles were being tested and it was a faulty launch. The three western cities didn't believe them and put up a border between the jutting point on the Fokland border and the middle end of Chattahoochee in 1930, to separate the west and east of Vendujo. Cilmurph, Kjeunik and Leixlip became known as the "Ta Twerwir Triangolu" which roughly translated to "Terrifying Triangle". Qölia remained neutral from both sides.

The war officially began on January 17th 1931, when the Scavelinean council declared during the news on TEV that they would "take unmerciful action against those who wrongly accused us in 1929". 2,000 troops were sent to the border between the sides, where they were met with twice as many from the Twerwir Triangolu. Endless battles were fought out for the following 3 years, until Qölia decided to end the war by blowing up the wall and forcing each city's head of state to sign a peace treaty.

Internet Age (1939─1950)

The Internet Age was the time period when the web became nationally accessible and free to use. New discoveries were made with the newfound technological devices. Many diseases that were thought to be inevitably fatal turned out to have easy solutions to cure. People began earning more money during these times. But there were also flaws. 9 in every 10 people were on numerous technological devices all the time, which used up power, money, time and took its toll on their health. On December 2nd 1947, a technology factory exploded due to several damages done to computers within after a severe snowstorm that lasted 16 days. 4,382 people were killed and over 5,000 injured and while usually most people could have survived the tragedy with just severe injuries, the extreme usage of technology for the past 8 years had reduced the populations nerve functions and immune system to a global low. Technology use gradually declined to a more moderated usage as time went on and in Spring 1950 it was at a regular speed and usage once again.

Land Loss & Riots (May 2018)

On May 10th 2018, due to overpopulation of the Zendari world, and government troubles, Vendujo were forced to sell off almost half of their land mass, which lead to a tremendous population decline of 35%, or 5,137,358. Major cities Scaveline and Vivånet were let go due to this and riots were held as many Vendese and former-Vendese were furious that their gold mines were being sold off. Anti-government officials tore down villages and burnt buildings in protest to the land reformation. Altogether, 310 people died because of these riots. A border was put up on May 18th to protect the country from attacks from the east side. It will be taken down when a new country forms in its place.

Ban of Violían and Xobranian Citizens (July 2018)

On July 25th 2018, A ban of Violían and Xobranian citizens, immigrants and tourists came into play after Violía allegedly ratted out several nations in music contest, Zendari Song Contest, for the sole purpose of gaining attention and undeserved credibility. This weak act for attention cost Wåri their place in the Zendari world, a country which Vendujo had some of their closest ties with. Government have seen this as a threat to the Vendese people's safety and have banned Violían people from entering or living in the country. Xobranian citizens had a ban enforced due to the Xobranian government officials voicing several hate speeches towards Vendujo as a country. All airport routes, cruise routes and cargo lines have been cut off from both nations to Vendujo and Vendujo refuse to recognize both countries as official Zendari nations.

Non-existence of Vendujo (October 2018)

On October 17th 2018, Vendujo was finally deleted from our lives and we all lived happily ever after.


Political views in Vendujo are very commonly shared, which is why there is no separate form of politics, everyone runs from different branches of the democratic party. Though politics aren't popular in the country, there are still political buildings used for debates, campaigns, voting and presidential history all around the country. Parliament is held in Kjeunik, rather than capital city Cilmurph due to it being a tranquil, clean and respectful area of the country. There must be a gender balance in parliament.

Presidential Elections in Vendujo

Vendujo elects a new president every 5 years. Presidents live like any regular citizen and don't receive special treatment, as in the Independence treaty, it states that "All children are born free and equal, and nothing throughout their life affects their stance on righteous moments and defends them from injustice."

Presidents of Vendujo alternate from male to female to promote political equality.

Year Winner Percentage Party
1896 Cara Kalahelli 54.7% CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph
1901 Harvie Felting 49.4% Kjeunik.png Kjeunik
1906 Jada Hepalina 61.2% Qolia1.png Qölia
1911 Rian Junsteg 55.3%
1916 Yvette Oilepu 45.4% Leixlip.png Leixlip
1921 Eigor Zasiza 53.0% Vivaneta.png Vivånet
1926 Hanija Seniti 60.9% CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph
1931 No Election[1]
1936 Aidin Ugen 50.5%
1941 Quentaha Xio 54.0% Scaveline.png Scaveline
1946 Todrik Gunmo 48.4% Qolia1.png Qölia
1951 Evaline Tyrrell 79.4% Vivaneta.png Vivånet
1956 Dave Opha 51.1% Leixlip.png Leixlip
1961 Ciera Hepalina 56.5% Qolia1.png Qölia
1966 Kameron Ingit 40.4% Scaveline.png Scaveline
1971 Ophelia Magecta 57.5%
1976 Von Teqenó 48.5% CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph
1981 Lila Valiukaita 60.3%
1986 Rón Holojono 50.0% Vivaneta.png Vivånet
1991 Farrah O Neill 55.2% Kjeunik.png Kjeunik
1996 Simon Scurls 39.3% Leixlip.png Leixlip
2001 Rhea Glucose 47.7% Kjeunik.png Kjeunik
2006 Elijah Hill 50.1% Vivaneta.png Vivånet
2011 Tiara Hepburn 67.7% Qolia1.png Qölia
2016 Jack Kowalski [2] 54.7%
2018 Lara Xanthua 65.5% CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph
  • Evaline Tyrrell holds the record for biggest percentage won by, 79.4% in 1951, as she beat her opponent, Sandra Carey, by 64.6% (Third party received 5.8%). This was likely due to a leaked video of Carey calling the people of the country "dumbass immigrants" after she lost a campaign poll. Her fans were swift to turn to Tyrrell's side, leading to an astonishing defeat for Sandra Carey.
  • Although Simon Scurls only got 39.3% to be President, he still managed to win due to a very divided country not being sure who they wanted to lead them. His opponent Tony Teqenó received 32.8% while the third party received a whopping 27.9%, a record high for a group that were not competing for the win.

* Note 1 - No election was held due to the ongoing civil war, so Seniti was permitted stay in office for another 5 years.
* Note 2 - On January 3rd 2018, President Kowalski passed away due to lung failure. A snap election was held the following week, where Lara Xanthua was elected as Vendujo's 25th President.


Vendujo is located in the north of Orienda and is the seventh most eastern country in the Zendari world. It is separated from the former land of Yuvia by a small sea, which has a width of less than 10 miles at its narrowest point. To the south is Fokland and to the north is Chattahoochee.

Vendujo is a very green country and has a lot of shrubbery around it's country side, while the cities are filled with modernity. Vendujo has ruins that date back to 1700 BC and are considered national treasures and are protected at all times.

Sister Cities of Vendujo

This is a list of sister cities to the six cities of Vendujo.

City Sister City Agreement Established
CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph Xobrania Xaris, Xobrania July 11th 1899
Nuevo Province Townale, Nuevo Province February 2nd 1901
Wallica Trémoigne, Wallica February 19th 1944
Sierra Aether Ridge, Sierra September 9th 1999
Yuvia Iofi, Yuvia April 1st 2012
Wo Xi Fu, Wo Xi January 28th 2017
Kjeunik.png Kjeunik Alotraxia Zelkova, Alotraxia March 11th 1924
Othar Kaso, Kingdom of Othar November 8th 1930
Qyzylsha Goriyok, Qyzylsha June 18th 1931
Wåri Kaaïu, Wåri June 29th 1965
Moo MosCow, Moo May 4th 2001
Pōuto Kāhuikākāpō, Pōuto May 30th 2010
Leixlip.png Leixlip Chattahoochee Waleko, Chattahoochee August 16th 1917
Coco Islands Coco City, Coco Islands August 16th 1926
St. Vitus & Roch Saint Vitus, St. Vitus & Roch October 29th 1970
Elune Darnassus, Elune October 3rd 1995
Rosalina Crystalija City, Rosalina September 3rd 1998
Shairia Solasity, Shairia December 27th 2007
Qolia1.png Qölia Atkanzia Narna, Atkanzia January 6th 1897
Cyan Uhu, Cyan March 11th 1955
Kydziya Vugæs, Kydziya May 9th 1960
Vashia Glilia, Vashia July 18th 1997
Sutru Koñaka, Sutru August 9th 2011
Jojo's Reich Seoul, Jojo's Reich December 25th 2014

Facts About Vendujo

  • A poll to select the Vendese President and Vice President has gone out every 5 years since independence was gained, with the exception in 1931, when civil war broke out between the West and East areas.
  • One VDJ is worth $4.25 USD.
  • Vendujo is a very contemporary yet ancient country, with cities fluorishing with modernity and regular city noise, while outside all city borders are astonishing ruins that are thousands of years in age.
  • Vendujo shares borders with Chattahoochee to the east, and Fokland to the north.
  • The national sport of Vendujo is lipsyncing for your life.
  • The national drink of Vendujo is fireball.
  • The national food of Vendujo is thick chicken soup on fresh mashed potatoes.
  • All pupils go to school for only 4 days a week, and are given Friday off. This is to relax the students and give them more time to revise.
  • Students begin school in September, but finish on November 31st for a whole month, and return on January 1st, leave again for a month on March 31st, and return for one last month in May.
  • Airline travel is free if you are under 18.
  • She fuckin dead.


  • It is illegal to attend school if you are over 15 without a phone on ones person, incase of emergencies
  • The only pets permitted in Vendujo are dogs, or rabbits. Cats are strictly forbidden.
  • Weed and other non lethal drugs are legal in the country.
  • It is illegal for shopkeepers to over or undercharge, due to the low price of items and low rate of criminality.
  • It is legal to petition to overthrow the president by petition and should this petition get over 10 million signatures from Vendese people, thus would lead to the leader being overthrown.
  • It is illegal to eat pizza, because it is deemed vile and a sin to do so. However you can make items of food with similarities, but cannot be in the same shape, due to the risk of poking one's eye out.

National Holidays

Holiday Date Description
New Years Day January 1st Celebrates the beginning of a new year on the calendar.
Woman's Christmas January 6th A special day for women to party and celebrate being alive.
Independence Day February 7th Celebrates the day Vendujo gained independence as its own nation.
Kalahelli Day March 22nd Celebrates the day Vendujo elected it's first president as a republic, Cara Kalahelli.
Mitoloġija July 11th A day where all Vendese citizens spend 24 hours outside, having no contact with the inside of a building.
Bye Bitch Day October 17th Celebrates the non-existence of Vendujo, when a collective amount of Zendari nations nuked it.
Drag Day November 17th Celebrates all forms of drag, due to the large amount of drag queens residing in Vendujo.
Merry Chrysler December 25th Celebrates all people. A day of giving gifts and fun.
New Years Eve December 31st Celebrates the final day of the year.

Cities in Vendujo

Name Population Notes
CorpseCity.png Corpse City Whole Population
CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph 3,850,640 Capital
Qolia1.png Qölia 1,993,440
Kjeunik.png Kjeunik 703,200
Leixlip.png Leixlip 488,190

Vendujo Venues

Name Location Capacity Notes
Corpse Arena CorpseCity.png Corpse City Whole Country Built 2018 after Vendujo died.
Sala Tal-Vuċi CilmurphFlag.png Cilmurph 14,500 Built 1990. Used mainly for concerts for global superstars. Name meaning "Hall of Voices".
Immarċja Sala Kbira 2,500 Built 1970. Used for debates between political candidates for president. Renewed every 5 years.
Palacia De lqigħ Qolia1.png Qölia 25,000 Built 2015. Not been used yet. Government wants to host a Zendari event as its debut.
Kunċert Tal-Mużika Kjeunik.png Kjeunik 18,000 Built 2011. Mainly used for musical events but also for sporting events.
Ġnien Tal-Ħajja Leixlip.png Leixlip 11,450 Built 2018. Used for conventions and concerts

Notable migrants from Vendujo