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The Republic of Vashia
Motto: 2Dまたは3Dの人々に触れないでください
Don't touch our 2D or 3D people
Official languages Vashian (85.6%)
English (65.1%)
Japanese (63.3%)
Religion Waifuism (83%)
Atheist (14%)
Other (3%)
Demonym Vashers
Government Republic
 •  President Nicola May
 •  2018 estimate 15,166,218
Currency Vashian Emera (VE)
Date format YYYY-MM-DD
Drives on the left
ISO 3166 code VS

Vashia is a country that is in the Zendari world. The country which was formed from a colony of Past Nation goes here is bordered by Fokland to the east with the protection of the Vonver Highlands covering most of the land border that separates the two countries. The country has a population size of 15,166,218 with the biggest population being in Glilia which is the capital of the country.

History[edit | edit source]

Under Colonial Rule (-1901)[edit | edit source]

Formation of the country (1901-1927)[edit | edit source]

Expanison (1928-1938)[edit | edit source]

Split Nation (1939-1980)[edit | edit source]

Unification (1981-1999)[edit | edit source]

Talks about unifying the country started in the late 70s with proposals to try and unify the country again back into one single country. This was an problem for the international community as they didn't want to see the expansion start to occur once again that made the country split into two in the first place. That was later denied by Robert Galvan with him saying that they were done with the ways of expanding and want to better their relationship with the Zendari world instead of having wars with their neighbouring countries. This hope meant that plans started to be drawn up to unite Vashia and Nanboku into the Republic of Vashia. At first the nation of Nanboku didn't want any part as they felt that they have separated enough from their southern neighbours in the fourty-one years that they had been separated.

On September 6, 1983, the two countries became one with the new flag being revealed to the public which symbolised with both parts of the country. It was also during this time, that the language of Vashian started to become a thing with the Galvan government bringing the language into the schools on the northern part of the country.

Modern Age (2000-)[edit | edit source]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Most of the nation of Vashia is deemed to be a flat plains where most of the towns and cities lie. On the eastern side of the country, the Vonver Highlands is deemed to be a natural border between the country and their neighbour in Fokland with the highest peak being Mount Ossa at 1,349m. The main river, the Nico River flows from the highlands down to the capital and out into the Orienda Sea. On the southern side, the country borders the Tiger Mouth Gulf with Fokland and Achalasia due to it looking like a mouth.

Facts and Laws[edit | edit source]

  • The official legal drinking age for Vashia is 18.
  • Official religion of Vashia is Waifuism with 83% of the population following that religion.
  • Drag queens have been banned in the country since 1996 and is one of only two countries (Jojo's Reich being the other) to not allow drag queens to perform in their country.
  • One Emera is about $2.23 USD.
  • Voting in the national election is compulsory after you turn 26 with the legal voting age being 17 and nine months.
  • Most of the country population is bilingual with the north being able to speak Vashian and Japanese while in the south, it's Vashian and English.

National Holidays[edit | edit source]

Holiday Date Description
New Years Day January 1 Celebrates the beginning of the new year.
Indie Day June 29 Celebrating the Indie artists that is around the genre with it being one of the top genres of music.
Otaku Day July 3 Celebrating the Japanese culture in the country
Unification/Independence Day September 6 The formation of the country of Vashia and also can apply the unification of the two countries.
Election Day September 23 Happens every four years where the election takes place on. Next one in 2018.
Padoru Day December 25 The annual festive spirits with giving and food.
New Years Eve December 31 Celebrates the last day of the year.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Name Population Notes
Glilia 2,643,655 Capital
Qrosa 2,103,154
Khago 1,579,695 Former capital of Nanboku
Gleylia 1,411,523
Flowek 1,100,563
Ubraso 913,534
Frerora 675,455
Xistead 651,193

Sport[edit | edit source]

Sport is a culture that is passionate in the country of Vashia with a quarter of the countries population being active in sport with football and basketball being the most popular sports in the country. The Vashian Premier League is considered to be the top national league in Vashia with 14 teams competing in the top division.

Notable People & Groups From Vashia[edit | edit source]

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