Tiffany Pollard

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Tiffany Pollard
Born Tiffany Pollard
January 6, 1982 (Age 36)
Femino, Alirie
Nationality Alirian
Occupation Head of Delegation, Princess of Alirie
Years active 2018 - Present

Tiffany Pollard (born January 6, 1982) is an Alirian noblewoman in charge of Delegation on behalf of Alirie. After taking the Alirian Intelligence Test, Tiffany accumulated 783 points which gained her the title of most intelligent woman on the planet as the 2nd place is just 83 points (belonging to Princess Farrah Abraham.) Due to Tiffany's high intelligence, "Skinny Legend" handed her the role of Head of Delegation as her strategic decisions shall give Alirie great results in contests such as Zendarifestivalen.

After the death of "Skinny Legend", Tiffany was given the title of Princess by the Queen of Alirie, Farrah Abraham.

Acts chosen by Tiffany[edit | edit source]