Themedari Song Contest 2

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Themedari Song Contest 2
Reflect on Yourself
Live Performances Only
Themedari Song Contest 2 Logo.png
Host city Fiorenza Florrum, Fiorenza
Venue Stadia Florrum
Presenter(s) Pixie Lott
Host broadcaster Fiorenza Televisione di Fiorenza (TVF)
Number of entries 46 (full)
Debuting countries  Éimi
 Saõ Jung
Withdrawing countries  Andoria
 Coco Islands
 Nuevo Province
 St. Vitus & Roch
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points to their 10 favorite songs.
Winning song CANCELLED
Themedari Song Contest
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Themedari Song Contest 2 was meant to be the second edition of the Zendari Song Contest's 2nd Spinoff, the Themedari Song Contest. The second edition would of been hosted in Florrum, Flag of Fiorenza.png Fiorenza after Binky's victory with "Jackie D" last edition.

The theme for the second edition of the contest is live performances only, reflected in the slogan "Reflect on Yourself."

On August 8, 2018, the second edition of the contest with the host stating that the time would take for the event would be too much for the nation to host the event. This became the first edition of the song contest that had been cancelled.

Theme Rules

The theme for the second edition of the Themedari Song Contest is that all entries must be live performances only. To Comply with these rules, the submission must:

  • The video submitted must be a live performance.
  • Music videos featuring a live performance are allowed.
  • The quality of the video must be good. Videos such as concert recordings may not permitted. We want to hear the song, not screaming fans. (Tv recordings and similar thing are good places to start). Each entry will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • The entry must comply with the preexisting rules for entries in the Zendari Song Contest.
  • The song must have not competed in either the Zendari Song Contest or Zendarifestivalen.


DEADLINE: August 1st, 2018, 23:59 CEST for BOTH semis. International Juries

Semi Final 1

 Alirie,  Aquazia, and  Wo Xi are also to vote in this semi final. Playlist - Here. Recap - Here.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Üsmile Serbian Jelena Karleuša "Upravo Ostavljena"
02  Kydziya English NuAngels "Higher"
03  Yuvia Sami ISÁK "Elle"
04  Junker Swedish My "Mamma Förlåt"
05  Draydal French Mennel "Je Pars Mais Je T'aime"
06  Jiouji Korean, English Big Bang "If You"
07  Cruona English Foreign Figures "Cold War"
08  Diversia English Sade "Smooth Operator"
09  Vendujo English Kylie Minogue "I Was Gonna Cancel"
10  Cyan English Blanche "Wrong Turn"
11  Marnos English Lea Michelle "Run to You"
12  Offriano English Marina and the Diamonds "FROOT"
13  Carlamastia Korean, English Gain "Paradise Lost"
14  Violía French Palmer "Laisse-moi Partir"
15  Saõ Jung English Andy Black "We Don't Have to Dance"
16  Purple Country Russian Polina Gagarina "Ja Ne Budu"
17  Tibiris English Twenty One Pilots "Heavydirtysoul"
18  Éimi Polish Natalia Nykiel "Total Blekit"
19  Atkanzia English Dermont Kennedy "Glory"
20  Rhosỳna English Julie Bergen "Incapable"

Semi Final 2

 Fiorenza,  Vasseau, and  Xaliqtyva are also to vote in this semi. Playlist - Here. Recap - Here.

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Haña English Mariette "Time to Spare"
02  Xobrania English Amaya "Concrete"
03  Wåri Chinese Jolin Tsai "Play"
04  Shairia English St. Vincent "Digital Witness"
05  Moo English Gossip "Casualties of War"
06  Othar Korean, English yyxy "Love4Eva"
07  Kiastirrá English George Ezra "Shotgun"
08  Epral English Seinabo Sey "Hard Time"
09  Titonüi English Tove Styrke "Say My Name"
10  Fokland English Imogen "Afterglow"
11  Zerox English Miss Li "Oh Boy"
12  Yakolira Norwegian Eva Weel Skram "Berre la meg vær"
13  Sosij English Nile Rogers & Chic ft. Nao, Mura Masa "Boogie All Night"
14  Alotraxia English Beyonce "Halo"
15  Gilead English Maverick Sabre "Come Fly Away"
16  Chattahoochee English Lacuna Coil "Trip the Darkness"
17  Olkenland English Kesha "Praying"
18  Rosalina English Pvris "White Noise"
19  Karanova English Rae Morris "Do It"
20  Putslopistan Kazakh Ayumi "Hey-La"

Automatic Qualifiers

Playlist - Here. Recap - Here.

Country Language Artist Song
 Alirie English Amy Winehouse "Back to Black"
 Aquazia English Maggie Rogers "Alaska"
 Fiorenza English Sharon den Adel "Just What I Need Tonight"
 Vasseau English Kier "Sadboy"
 Wo Xi English (?) Fergie "Star Spangled Banner"
 Xaliqtyva English SuRie "Storm"