Themedari Song Contest 1

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Themedari Song Contest 1
"Uncharted Territory"
Less than 50,000 views on Youtube
Uncharted Territory.png
Host city Xaliqtyva Liudzi, Xaliqtyva
Venue Liunievaj Arena
Presenter(s) Gemma Collins
Dirk Van de Put
Host broadcaster Xaliqtyva Xaliqtyva Muzyka Viaščaĺnik (XMV)
Opening act Semi Final 1: Tanya Tagaq performing "Aorta"
Semi Final 2: UUTAi performing "Entry"
Grand Final: Gabrielle Aplin performing "Waking up Slow"
Interval act Semi Final 1: Sevdaliza performing "Human"
Semi Final 2: MINA performing "Infesta"
Grand Final: SuRie performing "Storm"
Number of entries 46 (Full)
Debuting countries all
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points to their 10 favorite songs.
Themedari Song Contest

Themedari Song Contest 1 is the first edition of the Zendari Song Contest's 2nd Spinoff, the Themedari Song Contest. The first edition will be hosted in Xaliqtyva, a member nation of the ZBA's Management Team. The slogan for the first edition is "Uncharted Territory," which is reinforced by the theme that all entries must be below 50,000 views on Youtube at the time of submission.

46 nations are permitted to participate in the first edition, comprising 2 semi finals of 23 nations each. 13 countries will qualify from each semi final. The competition is open to active members of the ZBA, as well as those on the waiting list. Please contact Vasseau (@Syr#1069 on discord) or Titonüi (Stewen Grybb on Facebook, facebook users only.)

Theme Rules[edit | edit source]

The theme for the first edition of the Themedari Song Contest is that all entries must have under 50,000 views on Youtube at the time of submission. To Comply with these rules, the submission must:

  • The entry must have 50,000 views or less on Youtube at the time of submission. If it later surpasses the limit, it will still be permitted to compete.
  • Only official Music Videos/Lyric Videos/Audios will be accepted. If one does not exist, the video with the highest view count will be the one accepted.
  • Homemade videos are only accepted if no other video of the song exists on Youtube.
  • The entry must comply with the preexisting rules for entries in the Zendari Song Contest.
  • The song must have not competed in either the Zendari Song Contest or Zendarifestivalen

Provisional list of participating countries[edit | edit source]

To join Themedari Song Contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.

All countries have until the 24th of May 2018 23:59 CET to confirm your entry!

Country Language Artist Song
 Alirie English Marnie "Electric Youth"
 Aquazia English FRUM
 Carlamastia English Dolly Style "Glitter"
 Chattahoochee Hungarian AWS "Késő szólam"
 Coco Islands English Lina Mayer
 Cyan English Temptress "I Say When"
 Fokland English Crime Sea "Escape"
 Kingdom of Othar English EZA "Off The Record"
 Kydziya Russian Tina Karol "Neskolʹko pričin"
 Marnos English Avante Black Acid Love
 Nuevo Province English Woodes "Dots"
 Olkenland English Emmelie de Forest
 Oofaria Faroese BYRTA "Andvekur"
 Pōuto English Nikita "SUCKA"
 Purple Country
 Rosalina English Anja Nissen
 Shairia English MYNTH "Elevator"
 St. Vitus & Roch
 Teardrop Islands English Amelia Payne "Down"
 Tibiris English Ina Shai "Overload"
 Titonüi English Scott Helman "Sweet Tooth"
 Vashia English Sara de Blue "Out of the Twilight"
 Vendujo English EXES "Dear Home"
 Violía English Maryon "You"
 Wo Xi
 Xaliqtyva English October "1000 Eyes"
 Xobrania English Frida Sundemo "We Are Dreamers"
 Yuvia English Démira "Dragons"