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Themedari Song Contest
Themedari Logo.png
Official logo of Themedari Song Contest
Genre Song Contest
Directed by Vasseau Jordan
Country of origin Flag of Xaliqtyva.png Xaliqtyva
Original language(s) English
Running time 3 hours
Production company(s) Zendari Broadcasting Association
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original release May 2018 – present
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Zendari Song Contest (or simply known as TdSC) is a televised song contest, held between countries which are active and associate members of the Zendari Broadcasting Association. The contest started in May 2018. To join the contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.


Edition Countries that debuted
Xaliqtyva #1  Alirie,  Alotraxia,  Andoria,  Aquazia,  Atkanzia,  Carlamastia,  Chattahoochee,  Coco Islands,  Cyan,  Diversia,  Draydal,  Elune,  Epral,
 Fiorenza,  Fokland,  Haña,  Junker,  Othar,  Kydziya,  Landland,  Liberland,  Marnos,  Moo,  Nuevo Province,  Olkenland,  Üsmile,
 Pōuto,  Purple Country,  Rhosỳna,  Rosalina,  Schymanland,  Shairia,  St. Vitus & Roch,  Tibiris,  Titonüi,  Vashia,  Vasseau,  Vendujo,  Violía,
 Wallica,  Wåri,  Wo Xi,  Xaliqtyva,  Xobrania,  Yuvia,  Zerox
Fiorenza #2  Éimi,  Cruona,  Gilead,  Jiouji,  Karanova,  Kiastirrá,  Offriano,  Putslopistan,  Saõ Jung,  Sosij,
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Since the first edition, slogans and themes have been introduced in the show. The slogan and the theme is decided by the host broadcaster. The theme is the requirement every entry must meet to partake in the event, and the slogan is an accompanying phrase to support the theme.

Edition Host city Slogan Theme
#1 Xaliqtyva Liudzi "Uncharted Territory" 50,000 views or less views on YouTube.
#2 Fiorenza Florrum "Reflect on Yourself" Live Performances Only


Edition Theme Country Artist(s) Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city Part.
#1 50,000 Views or less on YouTube  Fiorenza Binky "Jackie D" 210 26  Xaliqtyva Xaliqtyva Liudzi 46