St. Xaliria

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St. Xaliria
Motto: "Put her on her back and crucified her hole" - Uma Kompton
St. Xaliria
St. Xaliria
Religion Christianity
Demonym Xalirian
 •  Mayor Uma Kompton
 •  2018 estimate 47

St. Xaliria is a town in Alirie that is shared amongst Alirie and Xobrania.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The town located on the Northern Coast of Alirie. St. Xaliria is a popular tourist destination for Xobranians and Epralians as people from both countries flock here during the summer months to enjoy the warm weather and sandy beaches.

St. Xaliria suffers from zero crime as the mayor Uma Kompton is feared by the population due to her immense power and striking use of words. The police force under her command are some of the most powerful amongst the Zendari world despite the town only having a population of 47 people.

St. Xaliria is where the Alirian, Xobranian and Epralian leaders gather to have diplomatic meetings and discuss important matters.

St. Xaliria is also host to a large music arena with a capacity of 30,000. The Abor Shahn Arena attracts tens of thousands of Meridian music fans as the arena hosts gigs for many popular music artists such as Miranda Cosgrove, Kacey Musgraves, Cascada and many more.

St. Xaliria is shared territory between Alirie and Xobrania due to both governments believing a shared territory will ensure a sustained healthy alliance. St. Xaliria has been shared territory for 73 years.