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The Kingdom of Shamar
Motto: Unbladiemin crueprelesre
Blades Will Never Hurt You
Location of Shairia.
Location of Shairia.
Largest city Resos
Official languages English (90.9%)
French (67.2%)
Shairian (89.2%)
Ukranian (14.5%)
Religion Catholic
Demonym Shairians
Government Monarchy
 •  Queen Ebony Jenkins
 •  2018 estimate 27,000,000
Currency Lurekp (LUP)
Date format yyyy-mm-dd
Drives on the left
Calling code 11
ISO 3166 code SR
Internet TLD .sra

Shairia is a country in the Zendari world. Some people like to call it The Kingdom of Shamar (Shairia in Shairian). Most citizens are confused as to how it is pronounced, however Shairia is pronounced as "share-ee-yah" and the language is pronounced "share-ee-yun".

History[edit | edit source]

Shairia dates back to the Stone Age, as a newly found rock called Alpsa. Four cave men claimed the rock and declared it a holy rock. Later on in the Stone Age, the rock was knocked down. We move straight into the Vikings where Swedish vikings found some land. They claimed it for themselves and called it Yupakhia. In 1231 (estimation), Yupakhian citizens chased the Swedes away and became an independent country. In 1761, they bought some land and renamed themselves Shairia. At the time, only about 200,000 people lived there, and only 2,000 visiting every year. In 1789, they elected their first ever president, Lisa Makopa. She reigned as president until 1801, where the Shairians elected Julie Shaul as the next president. She reigned until 1811 where Tom Walsh was elected. He reigned for a whopping 34 years until 1845 when he tragically died in a horse accident. The next president was Lucia Kakamola. She reigned until 1866. In 1866, the Shairians chose Al Cardon, a 13 year old school boy, to be president. He reigned for only 2 years after hanging himself in 1868 at age 15. In 1868, the Shairians elected Paola Shamall. She remained president until 1889 when Shamall died in a car crash. In 1889, the Shairians scrapped the idea of presidents and changed their government type to Monarchy. In 1890, they elected Anna Louisa Shayli as the first queen of Shairia. She reigned until 1951, where the Shairians elected Eva Lokanagze. On 7th January 2018, Lokanagze died and had the longest reign, 66 years. In 2015, they had a backup election, where Marianna Locashea won, which means Marianna Locashea will reign as queen, however on 2nd February 2018, Locashea decided to step down so she could marry her long time boyfriend and move to Titonüi. In the 2016 backup election, Sárie Drøms won, making her the new queen. Drøms plans on staying queen for the rest of her life. However on 28th February 2018, Drøms was shot up, and was taken to hospital. She was later pronounced dead. Amira Lee Pleirat was selected as the next queen. Shairia had it's land move on 30th March 2018, and the population nearly doubled to 27,000,000. Then, Pleirat started listening to Ebony Jenkins singing, and was so shook that she had a heart attack. The newest queen is Ebony Jenkins.

Youtubia Plague (2017)

On April 28 2017, a 13 year old girl named Lopa Kakani's ShairTube video about depression went viral. On April 30, Kakani got sick with Youtubekitis and was put in hospital. A day after, the video was taken down. Kakani was set free from hospital on May 7th. On May 8th, a day after Kakani's release, it was revealed that 26,000 people had been diagnosed with Youtubekitis. A day after, a young girl named Lucia Monelë made a ShairTube video about the illness. She stated that she did not want to be alive around this time. On May 11th, it was revealed that Monelë had commit suicide by jumping off a skyscraper nearby her house. Kakani revealed she watched the girl commit suicide and felt so bad about ShairTube. It became a plague on June 7th with over 300,000 being diagnosed. The plague became known as the Youtubia Plague. ShairTube shut down on June 8th. On 9th October, it was revealed that the plague had finished, with only 59 people being diagnosed in the country. 98 people died (including Monelë) from the plague, while about 500,000 were hospitalized. On 10th October, ShairTube was replaced with Klikap Videos and since then nothing tragic has happened.

Explosions at Prendace Train Station (2018)

On 26 January 2018, suspected criminal Jäde Cddelr put a bag down with a plant and a bin in it. What nobody saw, was in the "bin" was a bomb. Jäde screamed to everyone to get out so everyone ran out, not knowing why. Jade ran away from the station early, and the bomb exploded at about 02:31am. 205 people were injured, however only 2 people died. Trains to Prendace were cancelled and buses were used in replace. News reports went crazy. Cddelr was arrested at about 07:34. On 2nd February 2018, Jäde Cddelr commit suicide.

Law[edit | edit source]

  • It is illegal to listen to Shakira's music because of the similar names, as people always call Shairia by Shakira. You can go to prison for 1-2 years.
  • You cannot smoke more than one dose of weed a month. If so, you are put in prison for life.
  • Cocaine is illegal.
  • You cannot get away with murder. You can go to prison for your entire life.
  • You have to visit Titonüi atleast once in your life.
  • It is illegal to cross the Politicala Barlapa (Political Bridge) in Xolou unless you are a politician. You can go to prison for your entire life, depending on what you do.
  • It is illegal to cross the Musapalipk Barlapa (Musician Bridge) in Xolou unless you are a musician. You can go to prison for your entire life, depending on what you do.
  • Leaking videos on Klikap Videos is illegal. You can go to prison for your entire life, depending on what you leak.
  • It is illegal to park on blue lines. You can go to prison for 4 years.
  • Guns are banned. If anyone is seen with a gun, they are thrown to the Sakamin Sea to be eaten by sharks.
  • Bombs are banned. If anyone is seen with a bomb, they are thrown to the Sakamin Sea to be eaten by sharks.

Cities[edit | edit source]

Before land move[edit | edit source]

Name Population Notes
Ontabina 12,000,000 Largest
Xolou 4,000,000 Capital
Zaku 1,000,000
Zambania 1,000,000
Ajanao 1,000,000
Solasity 500,000

After land move[edit | edit source]

Name Population Notes
Resos 19,000,000 Largest
Isasnova 5,000,000 Capital
Jacqueline 1,000,000 Named after Jacqueline
Szairzash 900,000
Sarkou 800,000
St Richolov 200,000
Rierzwak 100,000

Notable people from Shairia[edit | edit source]