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Member station Darlledwr Teledu Rhosỳna (DTR)
National selection events Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna
(#9 - #13)
Internal Selection
(#14 - Present)
Zendari Song Contest
Appearances 8 (7 finals)
First appearance #9
Best result 2nd: #10, #13
Worst result 24th: #14
Appearances 8 (5 finals)
First appearance #5
Best result 1st: #11
Worst result 8th (SF): #5

Rhosỳna is a participating nation in the Zendari Song Contest and Zendarifestivalen as well as multiple spin-offs. They debuted in the first Themedari Song Contest in May 2018, before debuting in Zendarifestivalen the following month and finally in the Zendari Song Contest during it's ninth edition. To date, Rhosỳna has competed in 18 ZBA contests.

Darlledwr Teledu Rhosỳna (DTR) organises Rhosỳna's participation.

Zendari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Selection process
Qyzylsha #9 Ukraine Fleur East English "More and More" 18 72 5 88 Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna 1
Moo #10 Ukraine Grace Carter English "Why Her Not Me" 2 184 1 134 Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna 2
Xobrania #11 Ukraine CHVRCHES English "Graffiti" 15 97 Automatic Qualifier Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna 3
Xobrania #12 Sweden LOVA English "My Name Isn't" 22 68 8 68 Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna 4
Xobrania #13 Ukraine Grace Carter English "Heal Me" 2 156 2 111 Gŵyl Gân Rhosỳna 5
Xaliqtyva #14 Flag of Denmark.png Alexander Oscar English "Coffee Table" 24 51 Automatic Qualifier Internal Selection
Alirie #15 Ukraine Cheryl English "Let You" 24 56 15 48 Internal Selection
Violía #16 Ukraine Friendly Fires English "Silhouettes" 6 119 6 84 Internal Selection
Yakolira #17 Ukraine Mabel English "Mad Love" 4 130 9 73 Internal Selection
None #18 Automatic Qualifier Internal Selection

Zendarifestivalen[edit | edit source]

Rhosỳna is a regular participant in Zendarifestivalen.

Edition Artist Language Title Final Points SC % Semi Points Selection process
Junker #5 Flag of the United States.svg Dominique Cooper English "Lies and Deceit" Failed to qualify 8 45 Internal Selection
Zerox #6 Flag of the United States.svg The Aces English "Just Like That" 6 113 Duel 4 54,5% 3 83 Internal Selection
Cefloana #7 Ukraine Sweden Leona Lewis, Hellberg English "Headlights" 7 96 Direct Qualifier 1 100 Internal Selection
Titonüi #8 Flag of New Zealand.png Foley English "Talk About It" Failed to qualify Duel 4 31,3% 3 87 Internal Selection
Xobrania #9 Flag of Russia.png ARTY English "Save Me Tonight" 13 102 Duel 5 69,6% 3 86 Internal Selection
Yuvia #10 Flag of Portugal.svg Nadia Almada English, Portuguese "A Little Bit Of Action" Failed to qualify 6 61 Internal Selection
Xaliqtyva #11 Ukraine Izzy Bizu English "Give Me Love" 1 157 Direct Qualifier 2 112 Internal Selection
Rhosỳna #12 Flag of the United States.svg AleXa Korean "Bomb" 2 161 Host country Internal Selection
Kuurahvas #13 None TBA Automatic Qualifier Internal Selection

Other Contests[edit | edit source]

To date, Rhosỳna has competed in three spin-off competitions.

Contest Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Xaliqtyva Themedari Song Contest 1 Flag of the United States.svg SHALLOWS English "Matter" 11 94 7 66
Fiorenza Themedari Song Contest 2 Norway Julie Bergen English "Incapable" Cancelled
Vashia Zendari Holiday Special 2018 Ukraine Leona Lewis English "One More Sleep" 6 74 No semi-finals
Fiorenza Themedari Song Contest 3 Croatia Rialda Croatian "Ludilo U Boji" 19 62 3 88
Marnos Themedari Song Contest 4 Flag of the United States.svg Dominique Cooper English "Clap Back" 28 9 No semi-finals
Xobrania Themedari Song Contest 5 Flag of the United States.svg CeCe Peniston English "Finally" 14 77 9 69
Kyrbo Zendari Halloween Special 2019 Flag of the United States.svg China Anne McClain English "Calling All The Monsters" 1 98 No semi-finals

Commentators and spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson Main
#6 Flag of Sierra.jpg Aether Ridge Did not participate Megan McKenna
#7 Flag of Wallica.png Sarhém
#8 Flag of Junker.png Junkertown
#9 Flag of Qyzylsha.png Kunurum Angela Rummans
#10 Flag of Moo.png Farmville Maisie Williams
#11 Flag of Xobrania.png Xel Aviv Lauv Davina McCall
#12 Flag of Xobrania.png Xerusalem Nessa Jenkins
#13 Flag of Xobrania.png Xaris Alison Hammond
#14 Flag of Xaliqtyva.png TBA

Voting history[edit | edit source]

12 Points from Rhosỳna[edit | edit source]

Table key
  International Jury voter
Edition Final Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2
Country Artist Song Country Artist Song Country Artist Song
Qyzylsha #9  Achalasia The Wandering Hearts "Devil"  Sierra Luna Shadows "Cry Wolf"  Nuevo Province Silk City, Dua Lipa "Electricity"
Moo #10  Sierra Gugudan "The Boots" Not eligible  Chattahoochee Lady Essence "Fluffy Gal Anthem"
Xobrania #11  Sutru Kimbra "90s Music"  Titonüi Oh, Be Clever "Next To You"  Vasseau CRIMER "Hours"
Xobrania #12  Xobrania MARUV "Black Water"  Laigheann Boy Epic "Trust"  Titonüi Lizzo "Juice"
Xobrania #13  Yakolira Miya Folick "Stock Image"  Aquazia Seinabo Sey "Pretend"  Sierra Young Kato "Sunshine"
Xobrania #14  Yuvia Gina Kushka "Prayer"  Epral FEMM "Fxxk Boyz Get Money"  Alirie Salt Ashes "Save It"
Alirie #15  Xaliqtyva Ailee "Room Shaker"  Xaliqtyva Ailee "Room Shaker"  Zamolodchikova SHANGUY "Toukassé"
Violía #16  Violía Yseult "Noir"  Xobrania The Saturdays "All Fired Up"  Draydal Normani "Motivation"
Yakolira #17  Sosij MIKA "Tomorrow"  Moo Mark Ronson, YEBBA "Don't Leave Me Lonely"  Leguya Sabrina Carpenter "Looking At Me"

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