Phillipino Islands

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Ilhas Filipinos
Phillipino Islands
Official languages Portuguese
Demonym Phillipino
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 •  King Phillips I
 •  2018 estimate 535,283
ISO 3166 code PH

Phillipino Islands is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Phillipino Islands have 3 islands; 1 big island and 2 smaller islands with almost the same size. The bigger one is named Saint Phillips (São Phillips) and the smaller ones are The Melvines (As Melvinas); West Melvine and East Melvine (Melvina Ocidental and Melvina do Leste). Saint Phillips has 300,152 inhabitants, whereas West Melvine has 115,052 inhabitants and East Melvine has 120,079 inhabitants.

The capital, Phillipínia, is located in Saint Phillips. Other big cities worth mentioning are Perucópolis, which i slocated on West Melvine, and Kinzimba, which is located on East Melvine.