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Motto: Réflexion, Liberté, Démocratie.
Reflection, Liberty, Democracy.
Anthem: XXXGlobglogabgalab
and largest city
Official languages English, French, Nogish
Demonym The Nogishs
Government Republic
 •  President Karl Scardd (2019-present)
 •  2016 estimate 1,400,000
Drives on the right
ISO 3166 code GO
Internet TLD .go

Nougoeso is a country in the Zendari world.

Informations about Nougoeso[edit | edit source]

Population[edit | edit source]

City Population Notes
Dojuy-Kytys 534K Former Capital (Most populated city of Nougoeso)
Hejor 158K Born place of Potril Mønough (President)
Naris 127K City with the Eïphêll Tower
Tamago 112K City with tons of stores
Ujkrid 256K Capital of Nougoeso

Districts and their capital cities[edit | edit source]

District Languages Capital City Singers Living
Ujkrid District French & Nogish Ujkrid Maxenss, Grandson, Grant & Maëlle
Waliaga Nogish Hejor Seb
Aerram French Dojuy-Kytys J Balvin
Posva Nogish Nopenhague GAMMAL & MONATIK
Akëmia Nogish Akoo Stella Mwangi & Jarina de Marco
Elostasia French & English Naris Feder & Bigflo & Oli
Cussa English Tamago Justin OH, Konshens & Aja
Kaalo Nogish Snoka Mitch Ferrino
Novgoria Nogish Kalosna Saweetie
Nimane French Fesio-Nass Eddy de Pretto
Strofy English & French Jaksdo Bomba Estéreo
Maginhat Nogish & French Selavoville N/A
Apers Nogish (and a little Finnish) Kaodl VaVa