Murder Mansion

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Murder Mansion
Murder mansion logo.png
Genre Reality television
Presented by Mr. M
Country of origin Junker Junker
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes TBA
Original release April 2018

Murder Mansion is the Junker reality television competition where people get trapped into a mansion and need to complete tasks/quest/challenges to not get killed. Last person standing will escape and win the game.

The show is hosted by Mr. M.

More info will come soon.

Participants[edit | edit source]

# Country Name Age Job Eliminated Placement
1 Flag of Achalasia.png Achalasia Malena Ernman 47 Opera Singer, Human Rights Ambassador & Environmentalist Killed Day 17 18th
2 Flag of Alotraxia.png Alotraxia Jezebel Spankbottom 68 Pucker Sucker, Booty Shaker, Titty Dipper Left Day 6 24th
3 Flag of Aquazia.png Aquazia Renata Bliss 25 Professional Dance Teacher
4 Flag of Atkanzia.png Atkanzia Gilda O’Casla 69 Seducer
5 Flag of Cyan.png Cyan Johanna 28 Angry
6 Flag of Draydal.png Draydal Trisha Potatas 29 Prostitute Killed Day 17 20th
7 Flag of Putslopistan.png Putslopistan Gwen Slater Killed Day 17 19th
8 Flag of Epral.png Epral Faouzia 17 Singer-Songwriter
9 Flag of Jojo's Reich2.png Jojo's Reich Dr. Rattle Bones 110 Pathologist
10 Flag of Liberland.png Liberland Harvey Specter 46 President Killed Day 10 21st
11 Flag of Orblein.png Orblein Helena Manning 27 Professional Hitwoman
12 Flag of Purple Country.png Purple Country Mariah Carey 48 Singer Killed Day 24 15th
13 Flag of Rosalina.png Rosalina Elvira Slayer 125 Gene Therapist
14 Flag of Saint Vitus and Roch.png St. Vitus & Roch William Cahill 14 Home-Schooled
15 Flag of Shairia.png Shairia Jamaima The Unlicensed Lawyer 56 Unlicensed Lawyer Killed Day 24 16th
16 Flag of Titonüi.png Titonüi Judy BigBooty 19 Gold Digger, Slut, Thot Killed Day 21 17th
17 Flag of Vasseau.png Vasseau Thorgy Thor 33 Drag Queen
18 Flag of Vendujo.png Vendujo Szupa X Uberent 25 Drag Queen
19 Flag of Wallica.png Wallica Silvia Night 35 TV host and singer
20 Flag of Wo Xi.png Wo Xi Wasabi Woman 20 Superhero
21 Flag of Wåri.png Wåri Moniqué Kyzvāliš 25 Music Video Director Killed Day 10 22nd
22 Flag of Xaliqtyva.png Xaliqtyva Mo Harris 82 Fortune Teller
23 Flag of Xobrania.png Xobrania Ilan Peled 49 Entertainer
24 Flag of Yuvia.png Yuvia Iiris Vesik 26 Singer Killed Day 10 23rd

Contestant Progress[edit | edit source]

Contestant Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Jojo's Reich Dr. Rattle Bones LOW IN IN
Rosalina Elvira Slayer LOW LOW WIN
Epral Faouzia SAFE IN IN
Atkanzia Gilda O'Casla LOW IN LOW
Orblein Helena Manning IN HIGH IN
Xobrania Ilan Peled HIGH LOW WIN
Cyan Johanna LOW LOW IN
Xaliqtyva Mo Harris HIGH SAFE WIN
Aquazia Renata Bliss IN HIGH LOW
Wallica Silvia Night HIGH LOW IN
Vendujo Szupa X Uberent IN HIGH IN
Vasseau Thorgy Thor IN HIGH WIN
Wo Xi Wasabi Woman HIGH LOW IN
St. Vitus & Roch William Cahill LOW LOW IN
Purple Country Mariah Carey LOW IN OUT
Shairia Jamaima The Unlicensed Lawyer IN HIGH OUT
Titonüi Judy BigBooty HIGH LOW OUT
Achalasia Malena Ernman HIGH OUT
Putslopistan Gwen Slater LOW OUT
Draydal Trisha Potatas SAFE OUT
Liberland Harvey Specter OUT
Wåri Moniqué Kyzvāliš OUT
Yuvia Iiris Vesik OUT
Alotraxia Jezebel Spankbottom LEFT

     The contestant won Murder Mansion.
     The contestant was a runner-up.
     The contestant won a challenge.
     The contestant got immunity and was safe from the elimination.
     The contestant was part of a team that won a challenge.
     The contestant was in the Blood Hall Elimination.
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant left the game.