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Member station TBA
National selection events TBA
Zendari Song Contest
Appearances 0 (0 finals)
Best result TBA
Worst result TBA

Motezona has yet to debut in Zendari Song Contest.

History[edit | edit source]

Contestants[edit | edit source]

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  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Motezona has competed in Zendarifestvalen four times now, unfortunately the first 3 contests Motezona failed to qualify for the final. However recently in Zendarifestvalen 13. They qualified for the first time ever.

Contest Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points

Voting history[edit | edit source]

Spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson
#13 Flag of None.png TBA

12 Points from Motezona[edit | edit source]

Edition Final Semi-final
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result

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