Mond Sabyar

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Sabyari: Dis Rupeblikked ors Mond Sabyar Mondese: Dier Ropublika so Mond Sabyar English: The Republic of Mond Sabyar
Mond Sabyar
Motto: Sabyari: Kannatikud Ee Moradd Mondese: Kinettika Peor Omir
Connected by Love
Anthem: Grunnd Silitti (Solid Ground)
and largest city
Official languages Sabyar
Religion 85% - Christianity 15% - Atheism
Demonym Sabyari
Government Republic
 •  President Rosalinn Kurrdell
 •  Vice President Sala Robelina
 •  2018 estimate 3,543,627
Currency Safre (SFR)
Date format DD.MM.YYYY
Drives on the the right side of the road
Calling code +71
ISO 3166 code MS
Internet TLD .msb

Mond Sabyar is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Mond Sabyar in the past was divided into two countries. Mond, being the 1st country was founded on the 30th of September 1765. It was a relatively small, mountanous country with little money, therefore it was a poor country. Sabyar was founded on the 16th of June 1793 next to Mond. The Sabyari, seeing as Mond was helpless and poor, started to help Mond by sending it food, money and all esential things, eventually the two countries decided to sign a treaty, and on the 8th of February 1823 joined together to form one country. After the treaty the Mondese part of the country became richer, with more landscapes, and Sabyar also benefited from the conjoinment as it had more tourists and it recieved more citizens.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Map of Mond Sabyar

Mond Sabyar is located on the south of Orienda, so far not boarded by any country. The closest country to it being Junker. The country is divided into 6 regions: South Mond, North Mond, Sintrot, East Sabyar and West Sabyar. It's highest point, Mt. Iyumma (2,981 m) is located on the Eastern side of South Mond. It's lowest point, the Stokk Depression (-3,3 m) is located in West Sabvar, next to the border.

Biggest Cities[edit | edit source]

City Area
1. O-Starizi 2.306 km2
2. Murrigan 1.578 km2
3. Opsi 1.433 km2
4. Kkera 1.279 km2
5. Ireirea 1.070 km2

Celebrities[edit | edit source]

Grimes - (Born 17.03.1988) is a Kkera born artist making art-rock music. She worked with artists such as Janelle Monae and Poppy. So far she has released 5 albums, her last one being Art Angels released on the 26.10.2015.

Tęskno - A Sabyari music project based in O-Starizi consisting of Hania Rani and Joanna Longić. They've so far released a debut album "Mi" released on 09.11.2018