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Kingdom of Marnos
Anthem: Robyn Sherwell - "Islander"
and largest city
Official languages English
Korean (Minority)
Spanish (Minority)
Religion Judaism
Demonym Marnonian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 •  Prime Minister Fitzgerald Grant
 •  Deputy Prime Minister Tulsi Gabbard
 •  2018 estimate 18,293,953
Currency Marnonian Crowns (MNC)
Drives on the right
ISO 3166 code MN
Internet TLD .MN

Marnos is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Marnos was founded by the great king Derick Marnos and his decedents have been the monarchs of the nation since then. After the Constitutional Changes of 1921, the Marnos family now only hold ceremonial power with a Prime Minister and the current ruling government having total political control of the country. Due to the countries rich history and relations with the Marnos Family, the nation kept its name after the family.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

From the census that was released on January 1st, 2018, there are 18,293,953 people in Marnos. 91% of the population are ethnically Marnonian. 4% of the population are Korean speaking minority group Yarian from the island of Yaria. While the other 5% of the population is made of people from other people from the zendari world.

Judaism is the official religion with 68% of the population being Jewish. In recent censuses, it has been noticed that religion has remained steady staying around 70% making Marnos one of the most religious countries in the Zendari world.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Marnos is on the continent of Aquameda and borders Carlamastia.

List of Cities of Marnos (Largest to Smallest by population)

Map of Marnos.
  • Setra
  • Nebon
  • Denila
  • Staboy
  • Venia
  • Nekia
  • Braxion
  • Kedan
  • Elyaria
  • Harwick

People[edit | edit source]

Alex Aiono - Singer and Youtuber

Alma - Singer

Samantha Bee - Comedian and Television Host

Adi Bity - Singer

Katy B - Singer/Songwriter

Avante Black - Singer

Camila Cabello - Singer

Carakukly - Duo

Charlotte Cardin - Singer

Josie Dunne - Singer/Songwriter

Drew Durnil - Internet Personality

Tulsi Gabbard - Deputy Prime Minister

Melissa Gibbon - Politician

Fitzgerald Grant - Prime Minister of Marnos

Fletcher - Singer/Songwriter

Mellie Grant - Spouse of Prime Minister of Marnos

HAIM - Band

Lena Headey - Actress

IU - Singer/Songwriter and Actress

Sally Langston - News Presenter

Loote - Pop Duo

SISTAR - Girl group

Clara Mae - Singer

Matoma - Producer, DJ

Lea Michele - Singer and Actress

Bea Miller - Singer

Jake Miller - Singer

Namika - Singer

Nyusha - Singer

Olivia O'Brien - Singer

John Oliver - Comedian

Otilia - Singer

Yam Refaeli - Singer

Angelo Ross - Politician

Madison Ryan - Singer/Songwriter

Robyn Sherwell - Singer/Songwriter

ROZES - Singer/Songwriter

XYLØ - Duo

Anna Zak - Singer and Model

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