List of National Finals for Zendari Song Contest 6

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Below is a list of national finals for Zendari Song Contest 6, sorted by deadline, and then alphabetically by country.

Country National Selection Deadline Time (CET) Stage
 Chattahoochee A Song for Chattahoochee: Male Edition 20th May Ongoing
 Titonüi A Choice for Titonüi 6 23rd May 20:00 Ongoing
 Cyan Cyan Festival 4 Ongoing
 Fokland Festivali i Fokland V Ongoing
 Junker Junkfest VI Ongoing
 Yuvia Altamusikfestival Yuvia 1 28th May Ongoing
 Purple Country Passport to Zendari 1 17th May 20:00 Finished
 Wallica 30A1.2 : Renewal 10th May 19:59 Cancelled
 Borschóviya Mskeïshafestiválen Borschóviya 1 Cancelled
 Shairia Mskeïshafestiválen Shairia 1 Cancelled