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Motto: Don't tread on me.
Royal anthem: "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"
by Ennio Morricone
Official languages English
Demonym Liberlander
Government Free Republic
 •  President pro tempore Harvey Specter
 •  2018 estimate 9,502,000
ISO 3166 code LL

Liberland is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Libertarian Revolution (1990-1996)[edit | edit source]

Around the year 1990 the first supreme leader of Liberland called Mark Soloff, a former citizen of the US decided to start a campaign towards making peace in the unstable region of Lakashmi, where the two countries of Kyát and Märe fought for the control over majority. As the war was entering the point where the people starting getting tired of their country's war politics and leadership, Soloff's campaign was getting stronger economically and was gaining support from citizens all over the world. Soon after that Soloff started to strongly support Kyát and Märe's rebel groups, most noticeably libertáses Soloff, with his money and soon after, people. 15th November 1990, Liberland's national day is the day when libertáses forces together with the help of citizens in Märe's capital took the king's crown.

Between the years 1990-1996, Mark Soloff was named the King of Märe and continued to fight against dictatorship in Kyát together with all the rebel groups in both countries. 8th March 1996 the military groups of Kyát oficially decided to end the blood shed and start a hostile takeover of the crown. Only two days later, general Aladeen got the title of Kyát's 41st dictator. A month later, on the 15th April general Aladeen decided to step down and merge with Märe to create the new Free Republic of Liberland. Mass immigration from people tired of usual political ideologies and Soloff's campaign's supporters caused the country and it's economy to grow rapidly, two of the biggest unofficial languages that came to Liberland with the mass immigration were Italian and Polish. They both gained national recognition in 1997.

National broadcaster[edit | edit source]

According to the 7th amendment, officially named as "The amendment regarding freedom of speech in mass media and form of telecommunications from 11/1998" as the government shall have no major influence on the country's culture and create no possibilities for mass-media to have a bias towards the government's opinion, there is no one official TV or radio broadcaster in the Free Republic of Liberland. An replacement of that is a government recognized organization called "The Broadcaster's Guild". If a telecommunication company would like to get the rights to broadcast anything via TV or radio they need to be a confirmed member of The Broadcaster's Guild and pay a yearly membership fee.

Because there is no official broadcaster, all the matters that regard Zendari Song Contest or similar contests are solved by The Broadcaster's Guild. The Guild owns the rights to air ZSC and can therefore sell them or appoint them to any of the stations. Choosing an artist prior to a song contest in The Guild is done by a vote where all the broadcasting stations get to nominate and vote for any of the candidates. National finals (if such are organized) and hosting any of the song contest is done by The Guild in association with one of broadcasting stations chosen by The Guild's Committee.