Junior Zendari Song Contest 1

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Junior Zendari Song Contest 1
Build Yourself Up!
Host city Frendakia Tardonne, Frendakia
Venue Tardonne INT Arena.
Presenter(s) Loboda & Eugénie
Host broadcaster Frendakia Frendakian National TV Broadcast(FNTB)
Opening act Roksana Węgiel - Anyone I Want To Be
Interval act Jojo Siwa - Hold the Drama
Number of entries 15
Debuting countries All
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points to their 10 favorite songs.
Winning song Yuvia Yuvia
Junior Zendari Song Contest
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Junior Zendari Song Contest 1 is the first edition of the Zendari Song Contest's spinoff, the Junior Zendari Song Contest. The first edition will be hosted in Frendakia.

Rules[edit | edit source]

To join Junior Zendari Song Contest, please visit the Joining Zendari Song Contest page for more info.

List of participating countries[edit | edit source]

Final[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Language Artist Song Place Points
01  Nougoeso French Aöme "Le Bien Le Mal" 5 65
02  Kyzeshnia Korean, English TXT "Cat & Dog" 13 0
03  Frendakia French Lou "Qui pourrait?" 2 79
04  Morlandnor Spanish Brianna Leah "Escapade" 6 59
05  Oxyan Republic English Madysyn Rose "Fall For You" 12 29
06  Vovaltik Finnish Tuure Boelius "Lätkäjätkä-Ville" 9 54
07  Birmanda Dutch Laura OnLoop "Meer" 10 48
08  Moo English Tusse "My Soul Is Calling You" 7 54
09  Üsmile English Willow Smith "Whip My Hair" 11 46
10  Violía English Lil Shan Shan "Sweet Tooth" 3 77
11  Nordenland English Amity "Nothing but Gold" 13 0
12  Yakolira English Grace VanderWaal "City Song" 4 65
13 Junker Junker English Lazy Town "Cooking By The Book" 8 54
14  Fyrstein Finnish Eino ja Aapeli "Mä Voisin Olla Se" 13 0
15  Yuvia English RIKA "Hold On To Me" 1st 85

Other countries[edit | edit source]

Eligibility for potential participation in Junior Zendari Song Contest requires a national broadcaster with an active ZBA membership that is be able to broadcast the contest.

Active ZBA countries[edit | edit source]

  •  Rhosỳna - On the 8 October, Rhosỳna's broadcaster; Darlledwr Teledu Rhosỳna (DTR), announced that it wouldn't debut in the inaugural edition, owing to laws in the country prohibiting the existence of children. Despite this, the show will broadcast on DTR 4.

Inactive ZBA countries[edit | edit source]