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To join Zendari Song Contest, you need to have the following information at hand:

  • Country name
  • Country flag
  • Government type (monarchy, dictatorship, republic etc)
  • Official languages (you can come up with your own, if you want to!)
  • Capital city
  • Population (We currently have a ton of countries with a ton of population. If possible, please pick a lower population amount (less than 5 million).
  • Demonym (what are the people of your country called?)
  • ISO 3166 code (two-letter code of your country)
  • Three-letter code of your country
  • Name of your national broadcaster
  • Shortened name of your national broadcaster

You may provide more info about your country, such as a general history of your country, what currency you use, or what side of the road the population drives on!

Send all of this info to MaxK#2297 or Tottzi#0541 on Discord.

General guidelines

These guidelines may be subject to change in the future.

Country name

  • The country name is not allowed to be the same of a real-life country, state or continent (such as United States of America, Japan, Texas, Europe etc). It is, however, allowed to be loosely based of a country (for example: United States of Zendari).
  • The country name is not allowed to contain any harmful or discriminatory terms or words.
  • It is strongly recommended to not use any foreign letters, or excessive accents in your country name. Using one or two accents are okay (for example: Borschóviya, Haña, Pōuto, Titonüi, Wåri), but don't go overboard (for example: Ƶëñðäŕí).

Country flag

  • A flag symbolizes and represents your own country. Try to make it as personal as possible.
  • A simple guideline to follow is that a flag should be memorable, while also keeping it simple. A good rule to keep in mind is that a child should be able to draw it from memory.
  • The flag is not allowed to have any pornographic or discriminating content.
  • It is recommended that the flag is atleast 720 x 480 pixels in size, and for it to be in a 3:2 aspect ratio.
    • It is also recommended to save it in the .png format - as it is a lossless format, and it doesn't bring the usual "fuzziness" that .jpg/.jpeg pictures do.
  • You're allowed to change your flag at any given time.

Rules of the contest

Please visit the Rules of Zendari Song Contest page to read the rules.

Useful information

The important information of the contest will be available on the wiki, but announcements and other stuff can be found on our Discord server or in the Facebook group. Once you have been accepted to join the contest, you will be invited to both the Discord server and the Facebook group.

If you fail to vote in the semi-final you've been assigned to, or the grand final (even if you fail to qualify), you will be given a strike. If you receive 3 strikes, you're banned from Zendari Song Contest. Strikes will also be awarded out for inappropriate behaviour, and other reasons that the management team see fit.

You are not allowed to discuss your votes with anyone, except for the one who is in charge of collecting votes. You are allowed to have an opinion of songs, but you are not allowed to disclose your points to anyone. If you are caught discussing your votes, you may face consequences.

If you need help with creating pages on the wiki, there is a handful of useful templates that you can use, which you can access on the Templates page. If you feel like you're not able to create pages, or if you need help, contact a management team member.

If you want to be placed on the map of Zendari, please contact tyler#0201 on Discord.

There is no rule that people have to ask you for permission in order to send an artist from your country (claiming artists is not a thing). Feel free to ask for permission, but it's not a rule that you have to do so.