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Flag Coat of arms
CapitalGeol City
Largest city Milicentoh City
Official languages Albanian
Recognised languages English
Religion 61% Agnostic
23% Islam
11% Judaism
5% Other
Demonym Jioulaian
Government Multi-Party Democracy
 •  Prime Minister Bjørnar Moxnes
 •  Vice Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg
 •  2018 estimate 151,696
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
 •  Total $38.315 billion
 •  Per capita $252,577 (2018)
Gini (2019)12.3
HDI (2019)0.902
very high
Currency Jioulaian Lek (JIUL)
Time zone Jioulaian Median Time Zone (JMTZ)
Date format DD-MM-YYYY
Drives on the left
Calling code +3005
ISO 3166 code CRJ
Internet TLD .ji

Jiouji is a country in the Zendari world.

Jiouji is situated mostly in Aquameda. It has a population of 151,696 as of December 2018 census. Geol City is the capital city, whilst Milicentoh City is the largest in terms of population.

History[edit | edit source]

Jiouji was founded May 6, 2018 by Tamu Audwodia in the Aquamedan archiapelago west of Carlamastia. The country would later fall a part in October of 2018. It later got re-established in November of 2018, with a new goal and a new passion. It has since then claimed it's sovereign territory, designed a new flag and gotten new municipal divisions. In December 8, 2018 Jiouji, along with Carlamastia, Marnos and Yakolira formed the Aquameda Union in hope of collaborating to support each others politics and economics.

Municipalities[edit | edit source]

Rank Municipality County Administrative centre Population
01 Kasabenio CoA.png Kasabenio Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Milicentoh City 34,116
02 Geol CoA.png Geol Jiouji County CoA.png Jiouji Geol City 17,493
03 East Goxue CoA.png East Goxue Goxue CoA.png Goxue Sëgvëg 14,536
04 Barli CoA.png Barli Jiouji County CoA.png Jiouji Slea 11,543
05 Vik CoA.png Vik Jiouji County CoA.png Jiouji Siciq 11,026
06 Drimverk del Sud CoA.png Drimvërk del Sud Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Drimvërk City 10,832
07 West Goxue CoA.png West Goxue Goxue CoA.png Goxue Rosca 9,973
08 Rimeo CoA.png Rimeo Jiouji County CoA.png Jiouji Rimeo City 7,511
09 Primao CoA.png Primao Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Murra 7,322
10 Imaco CoA.png Imaco Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Nebon 6,919
11 Pseda CoA.png Pseda Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Bergen 6,495
12 Ngrire CoA.png Ngrirë Izguar CoA.png Izguar Vjeçarqytet 4,435
13 Drimverk del Nord CoA.png Drimvërk del Nord Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Bamezzi 4,038
14 Mulberr CoA.png Mulberr Izguar CoA.png Izguar Xhaat 2,302
15 Shreks Swamp CoA.png Shrek's Swamp Drimverk CoA.png Drimvërk Mud 1,822
16 Akull CoA.png Akull Izguar CoA.png Izguar Ëcca 1,293

National flag carrier[edit | edit source]

GoxuAir is Jiouji's flag carrier, and is based in Sëgvëg, East Goxue. The airline was founded on the 25th November 2018, and has to this day has international routes to Carlamastia, Marnos and Yakolira.

National broadcaster[edit | edit source]

JTVR is Jiouji's national television- and radio broadcaster, and is based in Geol City, Geol. JTVR has participated in international shows such as Survivor: Arkaystian Highlands, Zendarifestivalen and [Zendari Song Contest]]. The broadcaster also hosts the national final for Jiouji called Festival Artistësh, which selects the act for Zendarifestivalen. JTVR2 has broadcasted the Carlamastian show Wrestlers vs Celebs where the Jioulaian celloist Tina Guo participated as a celebrity. JTVR Charts is JTVR's radio chart broadcaster. It collects data from the most listened to songs from the previous month, and compiles it into a top 10 at the end of each month.

National animal[edit | edit source]

The Aquamedan Sailfish is Jiouji's national animal. It is protected by Jioulaian law, and is illegal to hunt. Caught hunting the fish will end up in up to five years in prison.

Aquamedan Sailfish.

Notable people[edit | edit source]

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