Hyang-Donchi Arena

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Hyang-Donchi Arena
Hyang-Donchi Arena.jpg
Location Titonüi Senippiku, Titonüi
Capacity 13,000
Broke ground July 2009
Opened January 2015
Construction cost 18,180,300 TTW
(~17,810,700 USD)

The Hyang-Donchi Arena is an arena in Titonüi. This venue is one of the most recent venues opened in Titonüi, being opened to the public in January 2015. It is located in Senippiku, and it is the only arena in Senippiku.

The fourth edition of Zendari Song Contest was hosted in this arena.

History[edit | edit source]

The plans on building an arena in Senippiku started all the way back in February 2007, but the building started in July 2009. There were many complications with building the arena, as Senippiku had a shortage on building materials, a strike amongst the workers occured in 2011, and the arena ended up being bigger than expected. Despite this, the arena was finished in November 2014, and was proceeded to being opened in January 2015.