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Kingdom of Chattahoochee
Largest city East Manatee
Official languages English
Demonym Chattahoochean
Government Monarchy
 •  King Örs Siklósi
 •  Queen Carissa Keely
 •  2018 estimate 8,638,190
Currency Dollars ($)
Date format mm/dd/yyyy
Drives on the left
ISO 3166 code CE

The Kingdom of Chattahoochee, or Chattahoochee as commonly called, is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Chattahoochee was discovered in 1997. The country had voted whether to have a presidential government or a monarchy. With 78% of the votes, a monarchy won. In the recent election, Peter Linkozine was crowned king of Chattahoochee and Sandra Lee was crowned queen of Chattahoochee. The country will crown the royals every 5 years. At the next royal decision, King Peter announced that the prince and princess of Chattahoochee, Allan Wolf and Amber Wolf will take the crown. The coronation was on 31 July 2018 with many countries attending.

Cities in Chattahoochee[edit | edit source]

Rank City Population City Leader
01 Flag of East Manatee.png East Manatee 4,743,082 Shirley Lassiter
02 Flag of Norzel.png Norzel 2,854,195 King Örs Siklósi and Queen Carissa Keely
03 Flag of Sidsonay Rapids.png Sidsonay Rapids 409,400 Jason Hollett
04 Flag of Wendell.png Wendell 329,539 Clarice Bruun
05 Flag of Waleko.png Waleko 300,291 Nicholas Matthews
06 Flag of Suncoast City.png Suncoast City 275,639 Ella Grant
07 Flag of Jancob.png Jancob 95,307 Emily Jennings

Allies of Chattahoochee[edit | edit source]

- Cyan

Notable People from Chattahoochee[edit | edit source]

- Peter Linkozine, former King of Chattahoochee and emergency room physicians in Sidsonay Rapids

- Dr. Sandra Lee, former Queen of Chattahoochee, dermatologist, internet sensation

- Clara Henry, comedian and YouTuber with roots from Titonüi

- Kalie Wolfe, lead vocalist of the band RIVALS

- Blaire White, famous YouTuber

- Ella Grant, YouTuber

- Jack Whitehall, comedian

- Örs Siklósi, lead singer of AWS and King of Chattahoochee

- Annalisa, singer originally from Coco Islands

- Rebecca Need-Menear, lead singer of Anavae

- Amber Wolf, judge from District 7 of Norzel and former Queen of Chattahoochee

- Allan Wolf, Amber Wolf's husband, police officer for Norzel PD, and former King of Chattahoochee

- Meg Myers, singer

- Chelsea Wolfe, singer, songwriter, and musician

- Hunter Avallone, popular YouTuber

- Kailee Morgue, singer

- Vic Anselmo, singer

- Daz Black, popular YouTuber

- Carissa Keely, Queen of Chattahoochee

- Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, Prince of Chattahoochee, reality star, and surgeon

Zendari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Please see Chattahoochee in Zendari Song Contest

They will debut in the second edition of the Zendari Song Contest with the band RIVALS and their song "Moonlit". Expectations of Zendari Song Contest raised after the streaming of the first edition on Lolvine.

Television[edit | edit source]

In January 2018, Queen Sandra announced her own show, Sandra, which is a show that helps people with their issues. It is a 5 episode series and is open to the public in both Chattahoochee and other Zendari countries. Other shows aired are I'm a Wannabe... Get Me Out Of Here!, Family Feud, among many soap operas. NTC has seen an all time high in television show ratings.