Cascadia in Zendari Song Contest

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Member station Cascadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
National selection events Internal selection
Zendari Song Contest
Appearances 10 (5 finals)
First appearance #1
Best result 4th: #10
Worst result 18th (SF): #4

Cascadia participated at Zendari Song Contest for the first time in Zendari Song Contest 1.

History[edit | edit source]

Zendari Song Contest 1[edit | edit source]

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
#1 The Veronicas English "On Your Side" 5 111 7 64
#2 Lilit Hovhannisyan ft. Kamil Armenian "Chkites Honqerd" 26 52 AQ
#3 Off Bloom English "Falcon Eye" Failed to qualify 13 59
#4 Forever In Your Mind English "Enough About Me" 18 45
Did Not Compete in #5 or #6
#7 Sabrina Carpenter English "Almost Love" Failed to qualify 17 44
#8 Severina ft. Jala Brat Croatian "M.A.G.I.J.A." 7 96 5 71
#9 Carrie Underwood English "Spinning Bottles" Failed to qualify 14 54
#10 Iveta Mukuchyan Armenian "Hayastani Aghchigner" 4 152 10 67
#11 Xhesika Ndoj ft. Kallashi Albanian "Shoqe Bitch" 13 98 AQ
#12 Margaret English "Cool Me Down" Failed to qualify 17 45

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of #1, Cascadia's voting history is as follows (not including IJ):

Spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson
#1 Flag of Titonüi.png Titonovia Lilit Hovhannisyan

12 Points from Cascadia[edit | edit source]

Edition Final Semi-final
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#1  Qyzylsha MIRA "Uit De Tine" 19th  Qyzylsha MIRA "Uit De Tine" 14th

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