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Федерация Боршовии
Federation Of Borschóviya
Motto: Вперед, Боршовия!
Forward, Borschóviya!
Anthem: Слава федерации!
Glory to the Federation!
Official languages Boršcht
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Demonym Borschóvic
Government Federation
 •  2018 estimate 1,248,099
Currency Borschóvic Rubleví (ℑ)
Drives on the the Left
Calling code +13
ISO 3166 code BO

Borschóviya is a country in the Zendari world. Known for it's vibrant culture, extreme landscape, and for it's wild nightlife, Votóndra was deemed the Party Capital of the Zendari World. Borschóviya's beautiful mountainous green terrain has gained alot of recognition in recent years, and has greatly increased tourism within the country. It shares a border with it's close ally Shairia. Borschóviya adopted an all open borders law, and does not enforce Visa requirements on citizens of any other nation, and allows free movement within it's borders.

History[edit | edit source]