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The Republic of Birmanda
and largest city
Official languages Dutch
Demonym Birmandian
Government Republic
 •  2018 estimate 4,323,487
Currency Euro (EUR)
ISO 3166 code BA
Internet TLD .ba

Birmanda is a country in the Zendari world.

History[edit | edit source]

Birmanda was founded in the 4th century when it's capital Togoto was founded near a river. Togoto was rarely invaded but got overrun by outsiders in 425 and lived under their control until 478 when Skinny the Great fought the occupiers back out of the city, and so they lived in piece for a good 300 years when in 736 they were at war with Barbarians for 96 years(!). Birmanda came out victorious and killed all remaining Barbarians and showcased their chopped off heads in the residence of the king.

The first centuries of its existence, Birmanda lived in a monarchy. The first family to own the throne was the Botta family, they reigned from the 4h centuries until 598 when they were overthrown and all got killed by the Tamukata family. They sat on the throne until 1026 when the monarchy brutally was ended and transformed into a republic, with a "parliament'. But this only lasted for 2 centuries, in 1303 the monarchy was established again. The last family to sit on the throne was the Tsara family, until 1907 when the republic started again, and still exists today.

In 1998, Birmanda was involved in a tiny land conflict, that was quickly resolved. From 2005 onwards, the country begun to grow a lot! Economically, Birmanda was starting to get fairly important.

In 2018, the country decided they wanted to enter Zendarivision as they think music is very important for a person to express himself, unfortunately, Birmanda was put on the waiting list, and must wait.