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Member station ÜTV
National selection events Oofvision (#9)
Smileyfestivalë (#11-present)
Zendari Song Contest
Appearances 6 (5 finals)
First appearance #9
Best result 7th #11
Worst result 18th (SF) #16

History[edit | edit source]

Üsmile debuted in Zendari Song Contest 9. Üsmile has competed in 20 ZBA contests. ÜTV has broadcasted all of these shows, under different channels. The main contest is the most popular with Üsmilar audiences, because of their qualification rate. However, Üsmilar citizens have low attitudes surrounding the spin-off contests, due to their consistant non-qualifications.

Zendari Song Contest 9 - 13[edit | edit source]

Üsmile debuted this edition, with Rachel Row and her song "L Square" after winning the second Oofvision national final. It managed to qualify to the final where it placed 15th, scoring 79 points. The runner up was Jack River with the song "Fault Line", which represented Üsmile in the sixth edition of Zendarifestivalen, however, it flopped and it was placed 8th in the semi final. Notable national final artists, included Bobi Andonov, Siobhan Sainte, Miriam Bryant and Kanye West.

Girls Aloud performing in Moo at the Zendari Song Contest 10.

Üsmile then internally selected Girls Aloud to participate with "Can't Speak French" in the 10th edition, however it failed to qualify, scoring 12th in the semi final with 55 points.

Luca Hänni performing "Powder" at the Zendari Song Contest 11, in Xel Aviv, Xobrania

A new national final will be made for the Üsmilar entrant for Zendari Song Contest 11, entitled Smileyfestivalë. Luca Hänni respectively won the first edition with his song "Powder". Other national final entrants included, Kasia Moś, AlunaGeorge and The Dawn of MAY. He scored 117 points in the grand final, placing 7th place, making it the country's best entry so far. The entrant did cause a lot of backlash for scoring too high, as it raised some disapproval from the fans.

Cosha (Previously known as Bonzai) was selected to represent her country in the 12th edition of the contest, who won the second edition of Smileyfestivalë. Notable artists in this national final included; Ministarke, Orla Gartland and Justin Jesso. It was the first time the national final used heats (semi finals). She sent her song "I Feel Alright". It placed second to last in the final scoring 62 points, as last place was tied between Marnos and Qyzylsha.

Flora Cash performing at a pre-party, prior the 13th edition.

The husband and wife duo, Flora Cash, represented their country in Zendari Song Contest 14 after winning Smileyfestivalë 3 with their song "They Own This Town". The national final organisers removed the heats as they complicated matters, however, they did introduce a public 'superfinal', due to low jury voters. Notable artists in this national final included: Wåri's fifth edition representative, MANIZHA, Nilüfer Yanya and Isak Danielson. They managed to qualify to the grand final, where they scored 80 points, placing 18th place.

Zendari Song Contest 14 - present[edit | edit source]

The band, Holy Wars, won the national selection, by 1 point behind Irina Rimes with her song "Dans". They represented the country in the fourteenth edition with their song "Born Dark", they managed to qualify, where they scored 75 points in the grand final, placing 19th. The national selection caused backlash from many non-english Üsmilar fans, as they complained that the "english songs kept winning", when there was a diversity of languages in the selection. Noteworthy, Holy Wars nearly missed out on the final, as they only qualified from international jurors who are non-participants or participants from the other semi, as they placed 14th in the semi with 47 points.

The national selection, Smileyfestivalë was used again for the Zendari Song Contest 15. It is the sixth edition of the national final, where is consisted of 8 acts, due to the decline in interest of national finals between other country's delegations. Two of the acts in the national final were former Zendarifestivalen representatives, EDITA (A part of Ministarke, who represented the country in the fourth and debut edition and they were in Smileyfestivalë 2) and electronic, lesbian musician, COBRAH (Who represented the country in the seventh edition of Zendarifestivalen.) Claire Laffut, who participated in the first Zendari Song Contest national selection for the country, was in this national final with her song "Nudes", where it features the Violían singer, Yseult. COBRAH won the selection with her song "GLUE", scoring 58 points in the grand final and 8 points in the superfinal, with a margin of 5 points. The runners up were Claire Laffut and Yseult, with her song "Nudes", which represented Haña, after some controversy. The song managed to qualify to the grand final, where it placed 12th with 89 points.

Smileyfestivalë ran on for it's seventh edition, after alleged speculations of an internal selection for Zendari Song Contest 16. Mahmut Orhan and Irina Rimes (Irina was a runner up in Smileyfestivalë 5 with her song "Dans") won this edition of the national final with their empowering song "Hero". The runner up was Naaz with her song "Taped". However, it failed to qualify to the grand final, and broke their five edition qualification streak, it placed 17th with 28 points, their worst entry of the contest to date.

Despite, the non-qualification the previous edition, Smileyfestivalë ran for the eighth edition, which consisted of 3 songs all sang by the same artist, which was selected to be Mehdi Bahmad. His song, "H.E.N.N.A." won the national selection and was send to Zendari Song Contest 17 where it placed TBA.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Winner (Direct Qualifiers for Zendarifestivalen Semis)
  Second place (Andra Chansen for Zendarifestivalen Semis)
  Third place
  Last place
  Withdrawn, Disqualified or Cancelled
  International Jury Qualifier
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Selection
Qyzylsha #9 Rachel Row English "L Square" 15 79 7 72 Oofvision 2
Moo #10 Girls Aloud English "Can't Speak French" Failed to qualify 12 55 Internal Selection
Xobrania #11 Luca Hänni English "Powder" 7 117 6 85 Smileyfestivalë 1
Xobrania #12 Bonzai English "I Feel Alright" 25 62 10 61 Smileyfestivalë 2
Xobrania #13 Flora Cash English "They Own This Town" 18 80 5 81 Smileyfestivalë 3
Xaliqtyva #14 Holy Wars English "Born Dark" 19 75 14 47 Smileyfestivalë 5
Alirie #15 COBRAH English "GLUE" 12 89 10 66 Smileyfestivalë 6
Violía #16 Mahmut Orhan ft. Irina Rimes English "Hero" Failed to qualify 17 28 Smileyfestivalë 7
Yakolira #17 Mehdi Bahmad English, Arabic "H.E.N.N.A." 18 32 Smileyfestivalë 8
Wo Xi #18 Perfume Genius English "Not For Me" Smileyfestivalë 9

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Üsmile is set to participate in two spin-offs

Themedari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Üsmile is a regular participant in the Themedari Song Contest until the contest was stopped again at the end of edition 5.

Contest Theme Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Xaliqtyva #1 Less than 50,000 views BYRTA Faroese "Andvekur" Failed to qualify 14 49
Fiorenza #2 Live Performances only Jelena Karleuša Serbian "Upravo Ostavljena" Cancelled
Fiorenza #3 Minority Languages Teske Dutch "Lavendel" Failed to qualify 18 33
Marnos#4 Second Chances Girls Aloud English "Sound Of The Underground" 20 41 No Semi Finals
Xobrania #5 Music from the 1990s No Doubt English "Just A Girl" 19 55 5 80

Zendarifestivalen[edit | edit source]

Contest Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Selection
Moo #4 Ministarke Serbian "Kiseonik" Failed to qualify 5 63 Internal Selection
Junker #5 Tom Grennan English "Barbed Wire" 5 133 3 85 Internal Selection
Zerox #6 Jack River English "Fault Line" Failed to qualify 8 64 Oofvision 2
Cefloana #7 COBRAH English "IDFKA" 4 65 Internal Selection
Titonüi #8 AlunaGeorge English "Attracting Flies" 6 78 Smileyfestivalë 1
Xobrania #9 MARSHEAUX English "To The End" 5 75 Internal Selection
Yuvia #10 Gülşen Turkish "Bangır Bangır" 15 64 4 71 Internal Selection (Previously Smileyfestivalë 4)
Xaliqtyva #11 Simge Turkish "As Bayrakları" Failed to qualify 3 83 Internal Selection
Rhosỳna #12 NAVA English "Ritual" 3 158 2 121 Internal Selection
Kuurahvas #13 Frock Destroyers English "Break Up Bye Bye"
Internal Selection

Junior Zendari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Selection
Frendakia #1 Willow Smith English "Whip My Hair" 11 46 Internal Selection
Yuvia #2 Malou Prytz English "Left & Right" 1 197 Internal Selection
Üsmile #3 Emery Bingham English "Being Myself" Internal Selection

Other spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Contest Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Vashia Holiday Special 2018 Wham! English "Last Christmas" 14 57 No semi-finals
Kyrbo Halloween Special 2019 Manizha Russian "Mama" (мама) 10 74

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of their debuting edition in Zendari Song Contest, Üsmile's voting history is as follows:

Noteworthy, before Üsmile debuted in Zendari Song Contest 9, the grand finals only votes were based from the "Rest of World" voting, due to Üsmile voted a part of them since Zendari Song Contest 6 to Zendari Song Contest 8.

Spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Zendari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson Commentators Main Broadcaster Head of Delegation
#1 Titonüi Titonovia Did not vote Did not broadcast
#2 Vasseau Jorlynn
#3 Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar
#4 Titonüi Senippiku
#5 Titonüi Titonovia Üsmile Fearne Cotton ÜTV

(Üsmilar Telecommunication Services)

ÜsmileCeflodoziya Jelena Karleuša
#6 Sierra Aether Ridge Carlamastia Raiven[1]
#7 Wallica Sarhém Draydal Jiggly Caliente[1] Üsmile Ministarke
#8 Junker Junkertown Üsmile Luca Hänni[1] ÜsmileCyanShairiaYuvia Raini Rodriguez
#9 Qyzylsha Kunurum Üsmile Tom Grennan ÜsmilePurple Country Tamta & ÜsmilePurple Country Christabelle Üsmile Mia Khalifa
#10 Moo FarmVille Üsmile Bobi Andonov Üsmile Wendy Williams
#11 Xobrania Xel Aviv ÜsmileXaliqtyva Kat Slater Üsmile Abiola Allicock
#12 Xobrania Xerusalem Üsmile China Anne McClain Üsmile Wendy Williams & ÜsmileCeflodoziya Jelena Karleuša
#13 Xobrania Xaris Üsmile Bella Thorne Üsmile Wendy Williams
#14 Xaliqtyva Liudzi Üsmile Coco Islands Irina Rimes
#15 Alirie City of Ir Üsmile Gülşen Üsmile Wendy Williams (ÜTV) & Üsmile Maryam Nemaze (Ü:TËLEKÖRP)
#16 Violía Diamantique ÜsmileLaigheann Vicky Kaya
#17 Yakolira Modisha ÜsmileXobrania NAVA Üsmile Wendy Williams (ÜTV) & ÜsmileCeflodoziya Jelena Karleuša (Ü:TËLEKÖRP) Ü:TËLEKÖRP
(Üsmilar Tëlevizyön Korpöratsiya)
Üsmile Kris Jenner
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Voted as a part of the Rest of World voting.

Zendarifestivalen[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson Commentators Broadcaster
#1 Junker Junkertown Did not participate and broadcast
#2 Xobrania Xel Aviv
#3 Vasseau Jorlynn
#4 Moo MosCow Üsmile Louane Üsmile Marjorie Dawes ÜTV
#5 Junker Junkertown Üsmile Ministarke
#6 Zerox Akita Üsmile Tom Grennan
#7 Cefloana Ogalia Üsmile Jack River
#8 Titonüi Titonovia Üsmile COBRAH ÜsmileCeflodoziya Jelena Karleuša
#9 Xobrania Xaris Üsmile AlunaGeorge Üsmile Marjorie Dawes
#10 Yuvia Alertia Üsmile MARSHEAUX ÜsmilePurple Country Tamta Ü:TËLEKÖRP
#11 Xaliqtyva Liudzi Üsmile Gülşen
#12 Rhosỳna TBA Üsmile Simge Üsmile Maryam Nemaze

12 Points from Üsmile[edit | edit source]

Zendari Song Contest

Edition Final Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#6  Olkenland MUNA "I Know A Place" 5th  Sosij FAUX "Take Back Time" 1st  Yuvia Merna "Better Run" 15th
#7  Yuvia Janice "Love You Like I Should" 3rd  Elune Dreamcatcher "You and I" 5th  Xobrania Sabina Ddumba "Small World" 14th
#8  Teardrop Islands TLC "No Scrubs" 12th  Purple Country Emigrate "Eat You Alive" 17th  Cefloana Didi J ft. Shaggy "Say No More" 14th
#9  Moo The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 1st  Sutru Yaeji "Raingurl" 12th  Moo The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 2nd
#10  Nuevo Province Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas" 28th No International Jurors  Rhosỳna Grace Carter "Why Her Not Me" 1st
#11  Yuvia Let's Eat Grandma "Hot Pink" 5th  Yuvia Let's Eat Grandma "Hot Pink" 7th  Achalasia Dream Lake "Runaway" 12th
#12  Yakolira Sundara Karma "Flame" 9th  Cyan Jenifer "Notre Idylle" 9th  Yakolira Sundara Karma "Flame" 6th
#13  Xaliqtyva Charlotte Adigéry "High Lights" 1st  Haña James Blake ft. Rosalía "Barefoot in the Park" 8th  Xaliqtyva Charlotte Adigéry "High Lights" 1st
#14  Moo Cobi "Church of the Lonely" 5th  Xobrania Katy Perry "Never Really Over" 1st  Moo Cobi "Church of the Lonely" 3rd
#15  Violía M.I.A. "Bad Girls" 1st  Junker Charlotte Lawrence "Why Do You Love Me?" 3rd  Violía M.I.A. "Bad Girls" 1st
#16  Xobrania The Saturdays "All Fired Up" 10th  Xobrania The Saturdays "All Fired Up" 1st  Chattahoochee Miranda Lambert "Mess With My Head" 11th
#17  Sosij MIKA "Tomorrow" 16th  Sosij MIKA "Tomorrow" 9th  Sangviland Kesha "Die Young" 2nd


Edition Final Semi Final
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#4 Did not qualify  Chattahoochee Halflives "Crown" 1st
#5  Yuvia Empara Mí Alibi 3rd  Aquazia Jorja Smith "Where Did I Go?" 4th
#6 Did not qualify  Violía Au/Ra "Emoji" 1st
#7  Titonüi K/DA "POP/STARS" 1st  Dodo Albin Lee Meldau "Lou Lou" 2nd
#8  Fiorenza Lilly Among Clouds "Wasting My Time" 4th  Haña San Mei "Wonder" 1st
#9  Fiorenza Inna Modja "Outlaw" 12th  Xaliqtyva Oliver Heldens ft. Shungudzo "Fire In My Soul" 1st
#10  Xobrania Miley Cyrus "Mother's Daughter" 3rd  Laigheann Leon Else "What I Won't Do" 1st
#11  Rhosỳna Izzy Bizu "Give Me Love" 1st  Draydal Arma Del Amor "The Watcher" 6th

Themedari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Edition Final Semi-final
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#1  Vasseau Wooly and the Uke "Circus" 3rd  Fokland Crime Sea Escape 9th
#2 Cancelled Did Not Vote
#3  Yuvia Panivalkova, Morphom "SUPERHІT" (СУПЕРХІТ) 7th  Laigheann Fallgrapp "Vlasy" 6th
#4  Yakolira Glass Animals "Life Itself" 12th No Semi Finals
#5  Laigheann Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 16th  Birmanda Los Del Rio "Macarena" 2nd

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