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Member station ÜTV
National selection events Oofvision (#9)
Smileyfestivalë (#11-present)
Appearances 1 (1 finals)
First appearance #9
Best result 15th #9
Worst result 12th (SF) #10

Üsmile debuted in Zendari Song Contest 9.

History[edit | edit source]

Rachel Row rehearsing on the rooftop in her hotel room in Qyzylysha

Zendari Song Contest 9[edit | edit source]

Üsmile debuted this edition, with Rachel Row and her song "L Square" after winning the second Oofvision national final. It managed to qualify to the final where it placed 15th.

The runner up was Jack River with the song "Fault Line", which will represent Üsmile in the sixth edition of Zendarifestivalen, however, it flopped and it was placed 8th in the semi final.

Zendari Song Contest 10[edit | edit source]

Üsmile will internally select Girls Aloud to participate with "Can't Speak French", however it failed to qualify.

Zendari Song Contest 11[edit | edit source]

A new national final will be made for this edition, entitled Smileyfestivalë.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Selection
Qyzylsha #9 Bulgaria Rachel Row English "L Square" 15th 79 7th 72 Oofvision 2
Moo #10 Ukraine Girls Aloud English "Can't Speak French" Failed to qualify 12th 55 Internal Selection

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Üsmile is set to participate in two spin-offs

Themedari Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Üsmile is a regular participant in the Themedari Song Contest.

Contest Theme Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
Xaliqtyva #1 Less than 50,000 views Faroe Islands BYRTA Faroese "Andvekur" Failed to qualify 14th 49
Fiorenza #2 Live Performances only Serbia Jelena Karleuša Serbian "Upravo Ostavljena" Cancelled

Zendarifestivalen[edit | edit source]

Contest Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points Selection
Moo #4 Serbia Ministarke Serbian "Kiseonik" Failed to qualify 5th 63 Internal Selection
Junker #5 Ukraine Tom Grennan English "Barbed Wire" 133 5th 3rd 85
Zerox #6 Australia Jack River English "Fault Line" Failed to qualify 8th 64 Oofvision 2
Cefloana #7 Sweden COBRAH English "IDFKA" Internal Selection

Zendarifestivalen 4[edit | edit source]

Üsmile debuted this edition and sent Ministarke with "Kiseonik". It didn't qualify to the final or second chance, as it scored 5th in the semi final with 63 points.

Zendarifestivalen 5[edit | edit source]

Üsmile's best Zendarifestivalen score so far and they sent Tom Grennan with "Barbed Wire", it was 5th in the final scoring 133 points, from passing through the second chance round which they were against Titonüi Titonüi. It also managed to score 3rd place in the semi final with 85 points.

Zendarifestivalen 6[edit | edit source]

Üsmile's worst ranking so far, sending Runner-up of Oofvision 2, Jack River with her song "Fault Line". It was joint last in the semi final with ShairiaShairia scoring 64 points. However, Üsmile had the worst jury score in that semi final.

Zendarifestivalen 7[edit | edit source]

Üsmile is sending COBRAH with "IDFKA", as a reaction after Xobrania Xobrania's robbery, when Princess Vitarah did not qualify with her song "Do You Eat Ass?" and their own robbery too.

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of their debuting edition in Zendari Song Contest, Üsmile's voting history is as follows:

Noteworthy, before Üsmile debuted in Zendari Song Contest 9, the grand finals only votes were based from the "Rest of World" voting, due to Üsmile voted a part of them since Zendari Song Contest 6 to Zendari Song Contest 8.

Spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Spokesperson Commentators Jury Team
#1 Titonüi Titonovia Did not participate Did not broadcast
#2 Vasseau Jorlynn
#3 Qyzylsha Ul-Azaar
#4 Titonüi Senippiku
#5 Titonüi Titonovia Miss Rabbit Did not vote
#6 Sierra Aether Ridge Fearne Cotton Tamta, George Ezra & Jelena Karleuša
#7 Wallica Sarhém Ministarke, Raini Rodriguez TWICE
#8 Junker Junkertown Khia St. Beauty & Josh Dun
#9 Qyzylsha Kunurum Tom Grennan Tamta & Christabelle Irina Rimes, Manizha & Brendon Urie
#10 Moo FarmVille Bobi Andonov Raini Rodriguez Miriam Bryant, Claire Laffut & Tom Grennan
#11 None TBA

12 Points from Üsmile[edit | edit source]

Edition Final Semi-final 1 Semi-final 2 Semi-final 3
Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result Country Artist Song Result
#6  Olkenland MUNA "I Know A Place" 5th  Sosij FAUX "Take Back Time" 1st  Yuvia Merna "Better Run" 15th No Semi Final 3
#7  Yuvia Janice "Love You Like I Should" 3rd  Elune Dreamcatcher "You and I" 5th  Xobrania Sabina Ddumba "Small World" 14th
#8  Teardrop Islands TLC "No Scrubs" 12th  Purple Country Emigrate "Eat You Alive" 17th  Cefloana Didi J ft. Shaggy "Say No More" 14th
#9  Moo The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 1st  Sutru Yaeji "Raingurl" 12th  Moo The Struts ft. Kesha "Body Talks" 2nd
#10 N/A

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