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Üsmile is a country in the Zendari world, in the Boralia continent. It borders Franova from the north. The primary language spoken is Üsmilar and can be translated here (However the translator is a flawed a new one might be made soon.

Socialist Republic of Üsmile (English)
جمهورية الاشتراكيةأنت تبتسم (Arabic)
Üsmile Sosyalist Cumhuriyeti (Turkish)

Motto: "In equality and justice"
Anthem: ""All The Stars"
by Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA
Royal anthem: My Star Flag I Love You
by Akon Makeer
Map of Üsmile Key: Yellow Dot = Country Capital Black Dot = Regional Capital
Map of Üsmile
Yellow Dot = Country Capital
Black Dot = Regional Capital
Location Boralia
Largest city Azardaha
Official languages Üsmilese
Recognized languages English
Religion 40% Islam
30% Buddhist
10% Christianity
5% Atheism
5% Other
Demonym Üsmilar
Government Socialist Republic / Monarchy
 •  President Khia
 •  Vice President Vicky Pollard
 •  Monarch Akon Makeer
 •  2018 estimate 7,402,872
Currency Üsmilian Dollarés (ܧ)
Date format DD/MM/YYYY
Drives on the left
Calling code +33
ISO 3166 code UM
Internet TLD .um

History [edit | edit source]

The Uprising of Üsmile (1947)[edit | edit source]

The country was originally a colony of an old empire, named the "Kingdom of the Seashells". Due to ethnic tensions, the capitalistic ideology and the exploitation of fishing and farming lands. The citizens wanted to uprise. Many of the citizen's lost their lives during this conflict, about 500,000. It took months for their independence, which was granted on the 15th December 1947. The ideology became socialist at this time.

The Communist Ideology (1963)[edit | edit source]

After the fall of the original leader, Mukhomorov Nikita Petrovich, the new appointed leader, Aykut Simsek decided to experiment with communism. It was initially a success, many people enjoyed it. However, it was full of censorship and had little freedoms for it's people and people wanted to change it.

Üsmilian Benefits Scheme (1971)[edit | edit source]

After the impeachment of Aykut Simsek after the citizens thought he was corrupt. A new leader was appointed, named Phedra Pitera, the first female leader of Üsmile, who among the Greek speaking community in Üsmile. She was one of the contributing citizens, who was against Aykut Simsek and created a policy on the 5th October 1971, where it gave money to the citizen's who were poor and were advised to spend it wisely on necessary items they need, as cheating the benefits will lead to the gulag.

Üsmilian Telecommunications Service (1973)[edit | edit source]

Piteria added new freedoms for the citizens, which was the Üsmilian Telecommunications Service (OTS). It was used for citizens to express their beliefs, with the platforms of Music, Radio and TV.

Assassination of Phedra Pitera and the bombing of Üsmilian Telecommunications Service Building (1980)[edit | edit source]

A group of extremist protesters were against the Freedom of Speech, due to the inappropriate content that the citizen's were expressing. On April 25th 1980, the extremists managed to burn down the Üsmilian Telecommunications Service Building. In the evening of that night, Pitera was giving a speech about the shocking events in the Emerald Park Hotel and was assassinated via poison, that was in her drink. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arcas Pitera and Censorship Movement (1980)[edit | edit source]

The husband of the late Phedra Pitera was absolutly shocked of the events and the abuse of the Üsmilian Telecommunications Service and decided to focus on more censorship. Pornographic and extremely violent material was illegal under the Obscene Images Act 1980, punishable with gulag. He kept the Benefits Scheme to help the disadvantaged citizens. No citizens were allowed to contribute to any form of media and would be seen as propaganda if they managed to.

The Second Move from Communism to Socialism (1992)[edit | edit source]

The citizens didn't like the lack of liberties when expressing their believes the media and other institutions. They all generally agree with the Obscene Images Act. In addition, they continuously promoted the move from communism back to socialism, due to it's censorship issues during the communism. It was the June 1992 elections, Arcas Pitera the long 12 year candidate was up against new contender, Sveta Ruslanova, a young woman in her 20's, who had a massive contribution, in terms of protesting for the move. She was very popular with the masses and managed to overthrow Pitera.

On the day of the inauguration, 19th September 1992, Ruslanova addressed that she will hire more people for the institutions to reflect the population. She created a free radio channel for citizens to send tapes about their beliefs and ideas. If they were too explicit, legal action was taken and punishment was varied from the case.

The Mass Üsmilian Hack (2005)[edit | edit source]

A previous government official, Arnulfur Oernsson, was fired due to corruption and revengefully decided leak the files and passwords to access special government data and send them to a notorious hacker group, "Capitalist Kebab". They sent hurtful messages across government platforms and created fake ideologies. They were mass riots because of this and the citizen's blamed Nương for this. She analysed the fake government text's literature styles, layouts etc, and came to conclusion it was Oernsson. He was punished by death due to his heinous crimes. Ruslanova then improved the security of the special government data and then decided to resign due to the actions Oernsson committed and said she wasn't a good leader for Üsmile.

Boydalo Damir Ilyich and Xena Roussou (2006)[edit | edit source]

The new and current leaders took over from Ruslanova duties. They ensured that the government data's security was safe and they made sure the citizen's had similar freedoms. They improved on the Obscene Images Act 1980, by allowing graphic content to be available for over 18's and ID was mandatory for accessing the material. They also noted that if children accessed this content, their parents will be arrested under the Second Obscene Images Act 2006.

The New Leaders (2018)[edit | edit source]

After the long leadership of Ilyich and Roussou, new leaders will be put in place via an election. It was announced that Raini Rodriguez will be running this country. Raini decided to resign and let pop singer, Khia rule the country.

Travel & Tourism[edit | edit source]

Entry to Üsmile[edit | edit source]

  • Most countries do not require a Visa to enter Üsmile. However, those who are flying must have a valid passport.
  • Information regarding what is allowed to enter Üsmile is below.
Items Not Allowed Items Allowed
Any type of unlicensed weapon, without a military purpose. Blunt objects (hold only)
Illegal drugs regarding Üsmile's laws Electronic items, i.e. phones, laptops etc. (cabin only.)
Water or any drink that was purchased before check-in. Basic essentials.
Money from a foreign country. All money must be converted/spent before entering.
Propaganda of any form, e.g. posters.

International Relations[edit | edit source]

See Foreign relations of Üsmile

Government[edit | edit source]

Presidential Infomation[edit | edit source]

President Years Active
Mukhomorov Nikita Petrovich 1947-1963
Aykut Simsek 1963-1971
Phedra Pitera 1971-1980
Arcas Pitera 1980-1992
Sveta Ruslanova 1992-2006
Boydalo Damir Ilyich 2006-2018
Raini Rodriguez 2018-Mar 2019
Khia Shamone Finch 2019-present

Notable Laws[edit | edit source]

1) Cannabis is legal for medicinal or relaxation purposes only. It only must be sold in known pharmaceutical stores, no drug dealers in wacky shacks.

2) Alcohol / Smoking is allowed if you consume it moderately.

3) Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstacy and other similar drugs are prohibited and you will be sentenced to the gulag.

4) Capitalising anything that exploits the masses will be punishable to the gulag or death sentence by firing squad if severe.

5) Vandalism is prohibited.

6) Spreading propaganda from other ideologies is prohibited. If you want to make a change send it to a government official and they enforce it. Don't just put it your own hands.

Parliament[edit | edit source]

See Parliament of Üsmile .

Geography[edit | edit source]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Language in bold is the language of the name of the region

Name Main City Recognized Languages Other Languages Spoken
Üsmile Capital Terrority Qïnji Üsmilar N/A
Gönekhan Athenia Turkish, Arabic Albanian, French, Greek (minority)
El Alamiya Azardaha Arabic, English Turkish, Azerbaijani, Russian, French
Skrunli Sydarí Russian Belarusian, English, Swedish, English, Finnish
Klidzhan Vietalhuila Russian, Serbian, Macedonian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Tajik, Uzbek
Alcorteira Moruna Portuguese Spanish, Turkish, Italian,

Cities[edit | edit source]

Name Notes
Azardaha Largest
Qïnji Capital
Vietalhuila Original Capital

Weather[edit | edit source]

Üsmile's heat is measured via degrees Celsius. It is used to heatwaves and can experience tropical storms. It can be snowy in region Stoffdottïr occasionally.

The average temperatures for each region include:

Üsmile Capital Terrority 25 °C
Gönekhan 31 °C
El Alamiya 17 °C (North)
30 °C (South)
Skrunli 7 °C
Klidzhan 32 °C
Alcorteira 29 °C

Arenas[edit | edit source]

City Name Capacity Infomation
Azardaha Azardaha Central Arena 46,000 Used for large sporting events as well as large music concerts and festivals.
Qïnji Qïnjiparatia 31,000 Used for ballet and theatrical events. It has a more of a traditional and posh feel. It is now recently used for more recent music concerts
Athenia Queria Arena 29,000 Used for music as well as sporting events. It is home to the football/soccer team, Athenia FC.
Sydarí Sumar Vettvangur 10,000 Used for it's Sydarían folk choir performances and it's known bar inside, selling various drinks by the master chef, Bjoergvin Valmundursson, including his iconic Sydarí Twister
Vietalhuila Üsmile Capital Arena 8,000 Üsmile's first known arena, it was initially used for various political debates and was used for their citizen's to express free speech to the masses. It's currently used for theatrical performances and music concerts.

Important Dates[edit | edit source]

Date Event Notes
1st January New Year's Day (Gregorian Calendar) Üsmilian New Year
25th April Anniversary of Phedra Pitera's death. Celebrates the life of national hero and first female leader, Phedra Pitera.
30th April No More Dia Day Celebrates the kidnapping of 'musician' I AM DIA.
6th June Üsmilian National Pride Celebrates LGBTQ+ in Üsmile.
31st August Volcano Day Celebrates and mourns the devasting volcanic eruption in 1972 in the Ovallar region, with the aftermath ending their summer. This has came a tradition to many Ovallars ending their summer early to prepare the winter.
19th September Üsmilian Socialism Day Celebrates Üsmilian ideology.
5th October Day of Free Media Celebrates the Üsmilian Telecommunication Services. Young independent film and television directors tend to post their content around about this time to celebrate their free speak.
17th October Poison Day A day where Üsmilian citizens put awareness on toxicity, after the previous country of Vendujo was nuked for their disrespect in the Zendari world.
31st October Day of The Dead Halloween.
2nd November Sims 2 Day
3rd November Fish Day Celebrates and mourns the fish famine dating from times in the Kingdom of the Seashells, where citizens eat fish, to warm themselves for the winter.

This is strongly present in regions such as Skrunli.

9th November Day Against Fascism The day that Üsmilian protest against far-right parties and ideologies.
15th December Independence Day The day when Üsmile was independent from the Kingdom of the Seashells
24th December Christmas Eve -
25th December Christmas Day Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus.
31st December New Year's Eve (Gregorian Calendar) Üsmilian New Year

Media[edit | edit source]

National Broadcaster[edit | edit source]

See Üsmilian Telecommunication Services

Celebrities + Other Notable Citizens[edit | edit source]