Üsmilar Telecommunication Services

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Üsmilian Telecommunication Services
Type Broadcasting network
Country Flag of Üsmile.png Üsmile
First air date
4th April 1973
Availability National
Founded 1973; 47 years ago (1973)
by Phedra Pitera
Motto "Revolt for your beliefs"
Market share
Owner Vicky Pollard
Former names
Üsmilian Telecommunication Services
English-speaking Channels
Russian-speaking Channels
Телевидение и новости (Television and News)
Музыка (Music)
Дети (Childrens)
Реальность на русском языке (Reality in Russian)

Üsmilar Telecommunication Services (or UTS) is the most popular broadcaster in Üsmile broadcasting across the nation. It is well known for broadcasting the Zendari Song Contest and Big Brother (Üsmile). Even though there are 3 official languages in Üsmile and the first five channels are in the English language, as it is most the common language spoken. Noteworthy, channels with the Russian and Üsmilian languages are also very common, due to them also being official languages.

Programmes[edit | edit source]

A list of the programmes from English channels are stated below.

Channels in a different language contain similar shows to these below.

Channel Network Original Programmes Viewed Programmes
ÜTV X Factor (X Factor Üsmile) Zendari Song Contest
Üsmile's Got Talent
ÜReality Big Brother (Üsmile) Murder Mansion
Wife Swap
Big Brother Violía
ÜKidz Ed Petrie's Drag Race Peppa Pig
Kidz Bop sing along show. Horrible Histories
ÜMusic Üsmile Charts Pageant Malacunti
Older Series in "ÜReality"
ÜNews Üsmile News Feed

Delegation Team[edit | edit source]

Here is a list below of the ÜTV delegation team for Üsmile in the Zendari Song Contest

Role Description Names
Head of Delegation In-charge of the delegation Abiola Allicock
Supervisor Supervisors lower staff member, ensures delegation is running smoothly Marjorie Dawes
National Final Organiser Responsible for organising national finals. Fearne Cotton
Submissions Regulator Checks if submissions for entries/national finals follow Zendari rules. Tom Grennan
Lead Commentator Main commentating for Üsmilar broadcasting of Zendari Wendy Williams
Commentators Other Commentators for Zendari Tamta, Jelena Karleuša, Marjorie Dawes